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Tablet Program


La Salle High School is a fully implemented one-to-one school. Every student is issued a convertible tablet PC to take handwritten or typed notes and further their education. Our program gives students the tools required to learn effectively and succeed in the modern world.

Since the program’s inception in 2010, we’ve built and improved upon an enterprise-level wireless network and private cloud infrastructure, all to ensure technology could be used effectively both inside and outside of the classroom.

Today, our students and parents manage assignments, view grades and communicate directly with teachers anywhere they have an internet connection. At school students and teachers utilize our campus-wide wireless network and interactive classroom software to facilitate learning. In addition to their laptops, students have access to high-end computer labs built for 3D modeling, architectural design and video production. These technologies enable our modern classroom to prepare students for success in 21st-century society.

In addition to requesting help in-person at the Help Desk, students can email the Help Desk at [email protected].

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