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Course Guide & Graduation Requirements


Course Selection

Students should confer with their teacher(s) and counselor(s) regarding the choice of subjects for the next school year. Parental approval is requested for final course selection. Final scheduling of course offerings for the current school year will be determined by the student enrollment/optioning process. Insufficient student enrollment in a specific course may result in course cancellation.

Course Sequence

Courses listed with Arabic or Roman numerals are sequential in nature. Successful completion of the preceding course is normally required prior to entering the following one. If a prerequisite is necessary for entering a course, it is indicated in the course information section.

Grade Levels

In order for students to remain in their proper developmental sequence, many academic and elective courses are offered for specific grade levels. Except in unusual cases, students take only those courses designed for the grade level in which they are enrolled.

Foreign Language

Most colleges require applicants to complete two or three years of the same foreign language while in high school.

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