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School Counseling


Jen Daly
School Counselor
College Coordinator
La Salle Intern Academy Coordinator
Last names A-G
[email protected]

Jessica Fager
School Counselor
CCP Coordinator
Last names H-O
[email protected]

Zach Schmucker
Director of School Counseling
NCAA Coordinator
Last names P-Z
[email protected]

Lori Overbay
School Psyhologist
Testing Coordinator

[email protected]

Andrea May
Student Success Specialist
[email protected]



The La Salle School Counseling Department includes three counselors, a full-time school psychologist, and a part-time specialist for academic support.. The primary role of the counselor is to help each student reach his highest potential. All students are assigned to one of our highly skilled school counselors. The student and counselor work collaboratively to ensure student success in all areas.

Counselors see each of their assigned students during the school year through individual counseling sessions, group meetings, and classroom lesson. Additionally, students keep the same counselor for all four years. The counseling staff utilizes Naviance, a career and college exploration database, to assist them with their meetings. Students are highly encouraged to log into Naviance and utilize the tools within Naviance to help them with their post-secondary decision.

La Salle High School is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and endorses the association's Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

Mental Health survey

The La Salle High School Counseling Department offers your son, academic, college/career, and emotional support in a variety of ways. This includes collaboration and consultation with teachers and staff, individual check-ins on an as needed basis, and classroom guidance lessons. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the counseling department is looking to provide increased support by offering a school-wide mental health needs assessment and counseling groups for the 2021-2022 school year. The mental health needs assessment will be distributed and collected electronically during Flex bell on September 30th.

The results of the mental health needs assessment will be confidential and will only be used by the La Salle High School Counseling Department to better support your son. Based on the information we are able to gather, we will invite students to participate in counseling groups as an extra layer of support. Counseling groups are made up of a small number of students led by a trained mental health professional with a focus on a specific topic. Counseling groups can be effective by helping to reinforce skills and encourage learning without the intimidation of a large group setting. 

We emphasize that groups are for everyone, and participating does not necessarily indicate a problem. We believe that all students can learn from and provide support for each other. 

If you would NOT like your son to complete the mental health needs assessment and/or participate in counseling groups, please complete this form and email it to [email protected]


Counseling Department newsletter

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Graduate Transcript Requests

If you are a graduate and need your transcript for employment or a college transfer, please click here.

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