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Course Levels


Students are leveled based on their skills in the four core classes: English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

La Salle offers three academic levels:

  • College Preparatory (CP) - courses geared to provide students with the skills necessary for collegiate success.
    • Students placed in CP classes will benefit from the smaller average class size, limited to 15 students per core class. The teachers of these classes use a team approach to help ensure that all students are on track and prepared for college.
  • Advance College Preparatory (ACP) - accelerated courses aimed to prepare students to excel in college.
  • Honors Placement (HP) - rigorous courses designed for students who excel greatly and pursue the highest achievement to academic success.

La Salle also offers:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) - rigorous courses with the potential to earn college credit. Learn more.
  • College Credit Plus (CCP)Engineering Foundations through a partnership with the University of Cincinnati. Learn more.
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