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Envision: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Envision program?

Envision offers students the opportunity to explore high-growth industries such as Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, and Global Business by providing students opportunities to engage in these industries through hands-on, experiential learning.  Throughout the program, students will network with industry professionals, utilize real-world skills, and develop creative solutions to current challenges these industries face.  It provides a unique opportunity for students to go beyond the classroom, develop their own potential, and explore their future career path.

What subjects does Envision cover throughout the year?

The focus of the program is information technology, engineering, healthcare and global business. Within these broad career fields, students explore more specific content such as branding and marketing, user interface and app development, insurance and current healthcare issues and much more. In addition, students are guided through personal marketing concepts such as résumé development and networking, while building leadership skills through group collaboration and project management.

What is the difference between LSI and Envision?

For the freshman and sophomore seminars, students in both LSI and Envision will have largely similar experiences. The primary difference is that Envision allows more flexibility in a student’s schedule. Students in Envision may take either Honors or ACP level courses. Also, Envision students do not take a junior-year seminar course, but instead, select elective courses that best fit their interests and future plans. Qualified students may also apply for admittance into LSI after their sophomore year if they wish.

How do I apply for Envision?

When a prospective student applies to La Salle, there will be a section on the application that asks whether the student is interested in the LSI and Envision programs. It is important that the student indicate his interest on his application form.  Following that, Mr. Holman and Mr. Royer review interested candidates’ applications and invite qualified candidates for interviews over Christmas break. Applications and interviews are for both programs – the final determination of which program students are admitted into is made by Mr. Holman and Mr. Royer.

How many students usually get accepted into the Envision program?

Our current capacity is 25-30 students. However, we have developed a framework to increase our capacity to 50-60 students as the program grows. We look forward to accepting even more outstanding students in the upcoming years.

What can my son do after two years of Envision?

After the freshman and sophomore Envision seminars, students can choose the path that best fits their interests. Elective courses in information technology, business, engineering and healthcare will be sponsored and supported by Envision to provide all students in those courses opportunities similar to those offered in the Envision seminars, including field visits and seminar speakers. In addition, Envision students are eligible to apply for the Lasallian Scholars Institute after the sophomore year if they meet program requirements.

Does Envision offer any sort of academic credit?

Envision meets for one-half of every quarter; this makes it count for 0.5 academic credit. In their schedules, students will alternate meeting in Envision with another 0.5 credit course such as health or physical education.

What are the requirements for a student to stay in Envision?

Students are expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and have an Honors and/or ACP-level courseload. A student’s attendance and behavior record are also considered for continued participation in the program. It is important to note that any student who wishes to apply for LSI his junior year must be taking all Honors courses by his sophomore year.

How many field visits will Envision take?

Throughout each quarter, we will provide students opportunities to explore careers in various industries, learn and practice relevant skills in real-life scenarios and interact with industry professionals.  Our goal is to provide students with at least one off-site field visit to a local company or organization per quarter. In addition, we invite guests to present seminars to the students about their careers and to incorporate activities that have students problem-solve current challenges facing the industry.

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