La Salle offers a variety of courses in 10 different course areas. Level of coursework is available in Advanced Preparatory, Advanced College Prep, College Prep 1, and College Prep 2. Students will meet with their adviser multiple times a year to ensure the proper level of coursework is scheduled for the student.

Business & Computer Science

Department Head: Dave Volk

Business: La Salle strives to further by means of instruction, research, and service, the disciplines embedded within the business culture. A La Salle education benefits students preparing for specialized business careers and students whose future studies and lives will demand understanding of business concepts.

Computer Sciences: La Salle is committed to offering education that: helps students decide upon a specific technology career, develops the adaptability to thrive in a world of constantly changing technology, and provides experiential instruction that ensures lasting and personal technology skills.

English Literature

Department Head : Connie Saho

English Philosophy: In our students, we develop reading and literary analysis skills; we train them in the standard forms of competent, thoughtful, and creative oral and written expression; we stress the development of language as the essential means of expression and communication.

Fine Arts

Department Head : Cindy Webb

Fine Arts: Art, Music, Drama are an important part of our cultural heritage and an essential element of a well-rounded education. The Fine Arts Department develops visual sensitivity and creative expression through a variety of experiences, observations, and performances in the Visual Arts, Musical Arts, and Performing Arts.

Foreign Language

Department Head: Jeff Royer

Foreign Language Philosophy: Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. The La Salle community educates students within a sound environment to be linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully in a pluralistic American society and abroad.

Health and Physical Education

Department Head : Dan Fleming

Physical Education Philosophy: The La Salle Physical Education department promotes physical activity as a lifelong skill needed to remain physically, socially and mentally fit.


Department Head : Mike Lienhart

Mathematics Philosophy: We, the teachers of the mathematics department at La Salle High School, believe in building learning communities where our students practice and acquire the knowledge of mathematics. We believe students should be able to apply a range of numerical, algebraic, geometric, statistical concepts, and the skills to formulate, analyze, and solve real world problems. These learning communities will assist inquiry, use of technology and exploration of real world phenomena. Our mathematics education seeks to graduate students who will possess a sense of numbers, data analysis, spatial relationships, symbolic representations, and the ability to communicate in the language of mathematics.


Department Head: Mike Flaherty

Religion: The purpose of the Religion Department at La Salle High School is to create a climate in the school in which each student can better recognize the presence of God in his life. The challenge of every religion teacher is to help the student find, understand and live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in his life.


Department Head: Chrystel Wells

Sciences: The science curriculum is grounded in the fundamentals of science. All students are exposed to biology, chemistry, and physics. The classes allow students to explore each discipline in an environment that fosters the critical thinking needed for life beyond the walls of the school.

Social Studies

Department Head: Steve Schulten

Social Studies: The Social Studies Department at La Salle High School recognizes the need in a democratic society for a well-informed and articulate citizenry. As Catholic educators involved in the education ministry of the Church at the high school level, the members of the department also recognize the need for a responsible and responsive Catholic laity who are able to contribute sound Christian leadership and values to the society in which they live.

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