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We are proud to share the experiences of our alumni, staff, students and parents! Want to hear more about La Salle and their experiences? Click below to hear firsthand about the brotherhood of La Salle High School!


Brandon Saho '13 - Hear from "The Mental Game" podcast host, Brandon Saho '13 about his experiences at La Salle and the impact he is making on changing the game around mental health!

Zach Long '94Zach Long class of '94 talks about how he still talks to his La Sallian brothers today, and La Salle is where he met his friends!

Jeff Hummel '90 - Jeff Hummel Says he wouldnt be the person he is today without La Salle and all the life lessons La Salle tought him!

Doug Michel '82 - Doug Michel talks about the bond that he has with people from La Salle, and how it carries on through the ages!

Greg Hardig '96 - Greg Hardig talks about the five pillars at La Salle and how they helped him and his sons with faith!

Jeff Ritter '82 - Jeff Ritter talks about the legacy of faith and excellence that carries on after leaving La Salle!

Martin Eisele '91 - talks about how he still plays golf and hangs out with his La Sallian brothers all the time!


Kisha Dosa - Kisha Dosa talks about helping La Salle in their mission to make boys into men!

Jennifer Wurzelbacher - Jennifer Wurzelbacher talks about the bond her son's have formed through wrestling at La Salle!

Vicki Seng Vicki Seng talks about the brother hood that her husband still has with friends he met here!

Sara Ruffner - Sara Ruffner talks about all the values that La Salle teaches her son to prepare him for the future!

Gina Reynolds - Gina Reynolds talks about the very strong friendships her sons have made through La Salle, even though they came in knowing no one!



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