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Help Desk

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The help desk is located on the main floor near the cafeteria. With teacher permission, students may bring their laptops to the help desk for assistance with technical issues.

Trouble with laptop during class

  1. Politely, raise your hand and ask your instructor if you can restart your tablet to resolve an issue. Restart when your instructor allows you to do so. Note that a "Shut Down" is not the ticket here, you want to restart.
  2. If that does not solve your problem, raise your hand and ask when you may go to the Help Desk for help with your tablet. You can head to the Help Desk when your instructor allows you to do so.

File History

Backing up your data is critically important. Every student was given an SD card this past summer. Use it along with File History to back up all of your data. If you have not set up File History yet please do so ASAP. There is absolutely no excuse for not having a backup.

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