Employment Opportunities

Background Checks for all Employees

La Salle High School follows the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s policy regarding background checks for teaching (certificated) and non-teaching employees.

All teaching and non-teaching employees are required to have FBI (federal) and BCI (state) fingerprints completed prior to employment at La Salle High School. Additionally, a one-time only Selection.com electronic background check is to be completed at the same time. Once the checks return with no issues, the employee is cleared to start his/her employment at La Salle.

Teaching (certificated) employees are required only to complete FBI fingerprints every five (5) years, with the exception of those who have lived outside the State of Ohio within those five (5) years. Those employees are required to complete BCI fingerprints in addition to the FBI fingerprints.

Non-teaching employees are required to complete both FBI and BCI fingerprinting every five (5) years.

Following the suggestion of the Ohio Department of Education, La Salle High School has adopted the policy with regard to completing fingerprints prior to the upcoming school year on any employee who has expiring fingerprints within that school year.

Open Positions
Advancement Director
Founded in 1960, La Salle High School strives to prepare young men to achieve their full potential in body, mind and spirit.  La Salle High School is guided by Jesus Christ and rooted in the teachings of St. John Baptist de La Salle.
With well over 11,000 living alumni, La Salle High School has an annual enrollment of 600 students who are supported by 70 dedicated faculty and staff members.  Strong annual giving programs play a crucial role in the ongoing success of La Salle.
As such, La Salle High School has an opening for an experienced and dynamic Advancement Director to provide a strategic vision, inspirational team leadership and general oversight for all of the school’s annual giving, major gifts, events, corporate partnerships and alumni relations.  This position is part of the Administrative Team and reports directly to the Principal. 
All applicant cover letters and material should be submitted electronically to Dan Eddingfield: ceddingf@columbus.rr.com 
Each applicant’s qualifications will be evaluated, and those deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in interviews.
Employment is contingent on successful completion of all background checks and VIRTUS requirements.  La Salle High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.