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Sophomore Retreat


Healthy Relationships - God, Self and Others

In an effort to instill in students the Christian discipline of retreats and spiritual renewal, La Salle High School has fashioned experiences that we hope will benefit our young men in ways that are appropriate for their age and situation. The sophomore retreat seeks to address life and faith issues that are common to all teenagers, such as God, family, relationships, choosing values for life and helping students understand that they are not alone in these experiences.

The sophomore students will be led by a great group of seniors who have been preparing to lead their fellow Lasallian brothers on the sophomore retreat for the previous two months. These seniors will be delivering talks on Why are We Here, Love of God, Love of Self and Love of Others and, they will help to lead small group discussions on how God is a real and guiding presence in our lives, families, school, community and world. All participants will celebrate the Sacrament of the Eucharist, participate in community prayer and reflection.

2023-24 Retreat information

Sophomore Retreat Dates: 

October 9, 10, 12

All Sophomore Retreats will be a one-day retreat at Camp Kern.  1/3 of the class will attend on each day.  Students will be informed of their retreat day once school starts. 

Please see the attached link for Sophomore Retreat Placements.

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