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Christian Service Hours Form

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Some details for all students regarding Christian service:

  • Documentation for service hours must be submitted to the Campus Ministry Office within 90 school days of completion of the service.  Documentation submitted after the 90 school day window will not be counted.  
  • Service to parents, grandparents, and other family members is considered a family obligation and does not count as part of a student’s Christian service total.  
  • Service performed by a student to a co-curricular activity in which he participates as part of his involvement in that activity does not count toward his Christian service total.  However, if the co-curricular activity decides to perform outside service as a group, those hours do count toward each participating student’s Christian service total.
  • Students are not to receive pay or other forms of compensation for performing hours of Christian service; rather, the hours must be voluntary.  
  • If the service hours are performed for an organization, the entity must be non-profit.  Volunteering for a for-profit organization is not considered Christian service because the organization is the benefactor of the service as opposed to the aforementioned needs of the community.  
  • Performing service during the summer between eighth-grade and freshman years is acceptable, but only service done after the date of eighth-grade graduation.  
  • Whether or not a particular activity counts as Christian service or whether or not it is classified as Red or White is determined by the campus ministry office.  It is advisable to seek clarification if there is any uncertainty before doing the work.

In the end, we want our young men to understand and live our Lasallian Call to Serve by offering their time, talents and treasure in the active formation of God's Kingdom here on earth.  And so, if you have questions or concerns regarding your son's Christian Service Hours, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Campus Ministry office, as we will continue to work with you and your son.


Student’s first name
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Student ID#
Date information: if service was performed of a period of time, please list the dates of service performed
Number of hours served: (if the total hours are over 3 months, please see Mr. Weierman in the Campus Ministry Office.)
Name of the organization/individual for whom service was performed
Description of service performed
* Type of Christian Service hours Type of Christian Service hours
Red: economically poor / physically handicapped / disadvantaged member of society / verifiable need of a marginalized family / elderly
White: any church / school nonprofit business
Supervisor’s full name
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