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Circle of Grace

What is the Circle of Grace? It is a metaphor for the love and goodness of God that surrounds us and all others. It is the recognition that God is with us always and is there to help us in difficult situations. Through the Circle of Grace Program, adults assist children and youth to recognize God’s love by understanding that each of us lives and moves within a Circle of Grace. Your Circle of Grace encompasses who you are in your body and including your senses. It holds your very essence in mind, heart, soul, and sexuality.

This holistic concept allows children and youth to identify uncomfortable situations long before any inappropriate touch may occur. Those who molest children start to groom them by manipulating them to break rules and keep secrets such as consuming alcohol and viewing pornography. This manipulation usually occurs before any attempt at inappropriate touch. The Circle of Grace program helps children and youth to identify early on when they are uncomfortable with a situation and includes ways to seek the help of a trusted adult. The Circle of Grace PreK - 12 Program goals and objectives are met in all grades. The program is self-contained for each grade with everything needed to teach the material. 

See the letter from the Archdiocese for additional information regarding Circle of Grace.

Please see the information pertaining to your son's specific grade.





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