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Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO)


Great news for anyone who pays Ohio income tax and supports La Salle High School!

You can help make the cost of a Lasallian education more affordable while reducing your Ohio income tax liability!

The State of Ohio recently created a program that allows taxpayers to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their Ohio income taxes equal to the amount donated, up to $750 per individual or $1,500 for joint filers. All you have to do is make a qualified donation to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) which will benefit La Salle High School.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has established an SGO and an easy way to take advantage of this opportunity. You can click here to make a gift and direct it to La Salle High School.

Remember to select "La Salle High School" on the drop down screen to make sure your gift supports La Salle students and families. See the photo below:

You can also give by writing a check and mailing it in with this form.

For more information, here is a link to the Ohio Revised Code 5747.73 and a link the the Archdiocese information page. Or you can contact Mike Wiesman, Director of Advancement, at [email protected] with any questions.

Please consult your tax advisor regarding your particular tax situation and how this opportunity could best serve you and La Salle High School.

Thank you for your support! We hope you are able to take advantage of this new Ohio Tax Credit. Your gifts make a difference by opening doors for more students to benefit from the unique experiences and opportunities a Lasallian education provides. We are truly grateful for your generosity.

Questions and Answers about Scholarship Granting Organizations

Why is this important? A tax credit is more beneficial to our donors than a tax deduction. It means the donor pays up to $1,500 less in taxes. In addition, many other charitable organizations have created SGOs for the benefit of their donors.

What is the amount of the tax credit? The Ohio Income tax credit is limited to $750.00 per individual or $1,500 for a married couple filing a joint tax return. Contributions must be made to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati CEF-SGO to qualify for this credit.

How will contributions to the CEF-SGO be distributed? The contributions from donors will be distributed according to the donors designation to La Salle High School for tuition assistance. Ohio code requires that more than 50% of donations be used to fund scholarships with priority given to students with financial need.

Are corporations eligible for the credit? No, corporations are not eligible. The only groups eligible for the tax credits are individuals and pass-through entities.

How can I make my contribution? To make your gift, please fill out the form in the link above.

Will the CEF-SGO contributions be solicited as a part of the La Salle High School Annual Fund campaign? No, contributions to the CEF-SGO will be recognized as a gift in the annual financial report designated by the La Salle High School giving societies.

How should a donor determine whether to contribute to La Salle High School or the CEF-SGO? Everyone will need to determine what is best for them. It is our hope you will take advantage of this new legislation and support the CEF-SGO in addition to your support of the annual fund campaign. Your donation supports students in need at La Salle High School.

Can I contribute to more than one SGO? Yes, but the tax credit per year maximum is $750 if filing individually and $1,500 if filing jointly. Of course donations do not have a maximum amount, but only $750/$1,500 will be a tax credit.

To claim the “Ohio Scholarship Donation Credit” on your 2022 Ohio Income Tax Return, your 2022 CEF-SGO contribution must be made by December 31, 2022. The credit may be claimed annually on your Ohio Income Tax Returns. Therefore, a CEF-SGO contribution made during calendar 2023, would be claimed for credit on your 2023 Ohio Income Tax Return.

Please consult your tax advisor regarding your particular tax situation and how this opportunity could best serve you and La Salle High School.

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