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Band Boosters

The mission of The Pride of La Salle Band Boosters is to support all aspects of the program and to support the vision of the band director. They are an incredibly passionate group dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for the Pride of La Salle.

They welcome and encourage new members to join the monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month. Membership is open for anyone 18+ who is passionate about The Pride of La Salle!

Click here to join the Band Boosters!


Jason Covalcine

Being a part of the La Salle band is very important to me. The idea being completely behind the truth that what we do as members affects what goes on FOR the players. Being integrated FOR the players and aligned with the school is what I, personally, would like to accomplish. The band to me is yet another outlet for kids to join together in what THEY are passionate about and what THEIR accomplishments want to be. The last thing I would want to do in the role I possess/or as a parent is stifle THEIR progression and passion. Include those most impacted and what will in return be accomplished are the goals OF those. As a whole we will be stronger. I hope we can remain all together and understand the passions of the players and “play” into their passions.

Vice President

Mary Beth Ernst

I have been a proud POLS mom since 2019! I am excited for the future of POLS and blessed to serve as Vice President! 


Marija Dunatov

Being an integral part of POLS Boosters has been important to me because it demonstrates to my son that his involvement matters. The band has lifted his spirits and confidence. The organization has been full of kind families. I'm blessed to be a part of it all.

Financial & Fundraising Coordinator

Lisa Cape

My goal as a board member is to ensure our kids have the best experience possible. We have a great group of students and parents, and by working together we can accomplish anything!

Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Kreimer

Member at Large

Barb Behr

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