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Archdiocese of Cincinnati names La Salle Board Members

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Archdiocese of Cincinnati names La Salle Board Members

Dec 16, 2021
Board Member photo

We are pleased to announce that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has selected a board chair and new members to serve on La Salle High School’s Board of Limited Jurisdiction. The La Salle of 2021 is more diverse, more focused and more Lasallian, which is exemplified in the men walking through its halls today. 

To reflect this, the Archdiocese, the Board and Principal Aaron Marshall are working in strategic alignment to ensure leadership reflects and upholds the legacy, tradition and future of La Salle High School to support an innovative and mission-driven education for the students, faculty and staff.

Larry Lampe, a 2005 La Salle graduate, has been named the board chair. 

Members at large include:

  • Kathy Arar
  • Terri Carrick
  • Matt Birck ‘95
  • Bill Effler ‘64
  • Tom Jennings
  • Adam Kremer
  • Jeff Ritter ‘82
  • Bob Ruffing ‘66

“It was a great honor to have been asked by the Archdiocese to serve as Chair of the La Salle Board of Limited jurisdiction in what can only be described as one of the greatest periods of the school’s rich history,” Larry Lampe, board chair, shared.

The Board serves to provide oversight and governance for La Salle High School to ensure that the strategic interests of both the school and the Archdiocese are in order so that both may collectively enhance the mission and vision of the school. 

The Board operates within its reserved authority to oversee and approve the annual evaluation of the principal, establishing long-term and short-term goals and monitoring school operations through robust committee work. Paramount to this work, each board member is tasked with being an ambassador on behalf of the school and to convey the profound impact La Salle High School maintains as an anchor of Catholic identity in our communities. 

“De La Salle charged his followers to do their part to help build up the kingdom of God in the hearts of their students,” Lampe shared. This mission still resonates within the walls of the school today and remains at the core of the organization through the education and empowerment of students, faculty and staff. For members of the board, it is imperative that our work does exactly that, which is through support of the leadership and the shared vision we are working to plot out for the future of the school.

“We look forward to continuing our collective efforts and empower members of the Lasallian community to reconnect and answer the call to serve,” he added. “During my time on the board, there have been numerous changes that have ultimately transformed the school for the better.,” Lampe added. “This board is united in our vision to support the work of Principal Marshall and his leadership team in a manner that is complementary, transparent and accountable. As an administrator in higher education and working with students on a daily basis, I have become more increasingly aware of the transformational power of Catholic education in our communities and the potential it offers to each and every student. If not for La Salle, then I would not be in the leadership roles I am now so the opportunity to serve in this capacity is my way of giving back and ensuring the long-term vitality of the school.”

The Board held their first meeting on November 17, 2021, and meet on a monthly basis. To read the biographies of each of the board members, please visit our website at

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