Scrip Gift Card Program

Take advantage of your families normal everyday spending and generate considerable dollars for La Salle High School.

How does it work? A company called Scrips has partnered with hundreds of retailers, restaurants, gas stations, etc. to offer gift cards for purchases at their stores. All you need to do is purchase the gift cards from La Salle. when you purchase the cards for a specific company that company will pay back to La Salle High School a percentage of the face amount on the card.

Does this cost me anything? NO. The gift cards are for full face value, do not have expiration dates nor reduced amounts over time.

Why would companies like Macy's, Speedway, Chipotle and hundreds others do this? Very simple! This process is an easy and effective way to drive demand to their business at a much lower cost than advertising and marketing.

How do we buy the cards? Two ways you can do this.

La Salle has a limited variety of cards on hand for direct purchase.

You can come to the school between 9-1 and buy them directly and/or buy them during normal spirit shop hours. The variety of cards on hand changes so contact Angie Frigge at for a complete list. We currently stock Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Starbucks, Panera Bread and Papa John Pizza. These are ones most often used by our students.

If you have any questions or would like to make an order, please contact me on my office number 741-2393 or at

Online Ordering Procedure

If you go to and click on the Shop tab, it will bring you to a list of different categories: dining, sporting goods, gas & auto, home improvement, etc. From there you can look at all the different choices to purchase. There is also a "Special Offers" tab on the bottom that lists special deals on rebates to the school.

To make a purchase, you make a new account and order online yourself (a couple simple steps)
Directions on making a new account:
* Click on the green Family Sign Up button on the left
* Fill out the form with your family information (student name and teacher name are not needed)
* On the next page, you will be asked for our school code. It is:F229984637722 (capitals are needed)
* You will be asked to verify you would like to have an account with La Salle High School
* From there you can shop for whichever gift cards you would like to purchase.
At the end of shopping, the website will ask you to verify your purchase.Once a purchase is made, there are no refunds.
There will be no online payment at time you submit the order online. However, I will need a check made out to "LaSalle High School" as soon as possible. Please send your check in an envelope with "Angie Frigge/ Scrip Progam" on the front. Orders are not confirmed with Scrips until the payment is received.