Frequently Asked Questions

How do I win?

Purchase a ticket, from a student, faculty or staff member, or online, and have your name selected in the ticket drawing.

When will it be drawn?

Week of November 22, 2016.

Who can win?

Anyone who buys a ticket.

Where do the proceeds go?

Proceeds from the raffle benefit ALL Lancers of La Salle High School.

Can I purchase online?

Who do I make the check out to?

La Salle High School; Please put Lancer Mega Raffle in Memo.

Do you need to be present to win?

No, you do not need to be present to win. La Salle High School will contact you if you have been chosen as a winner.

Are there any prizes other than the Camaro?

$15,000 Cash or equal price value on any GM product up to the allotted amount.

Can someone out of town buy a ticket?

Absolutely! Lancer Nation is bigger than just Cincinnati! We love support and hearing from those who support the success of La Salle High School all over the world. Purchasing a ticket online would be the easiest option.

How many tickets does my son need to sell?

Our goal is for every family to sell 14 tickets for the Lancer Mega Raffle or 21 tickets for two children. We have created unique and popular incentives to help drive sales and the excitement around school.

Do I need to save my ticket?

You do not need to save your ticket. Every ticket also has a coupon for La Rosa’s Pizza so do not hesitate to take advantage of the special deal on your ticket. If you are selected as a winner, we would need to verify your identification.

Who pays for sales taxes on the car and licensing?

Winner is responsible for tax, title and fees. School will issue a 1099 form for value of car, or the cash option.

Can I use a credit card for purchases?

Of Course! Check and cash are also acceptable forms of payment.

Will they be sold in the Spirit Shop?

Yes! They will also be sold at all home football games, two soccer games, and other La Salle High School functions.

What if I do not want a Camaro?

You can take the $15,000 cash value or apply the cost of the car to another GM Product of your choosing. All are considered income to the winner and La Salle will issue a 1099.

What is the benefit to my son?

The Lancer Mega Raffle has been designed to decrease the number of incidental fundraisers for all operating costs. La Salle High School has a variety of different costs that are required to continue to run in a successful manner. Every student will benefit from the Lancer Mega Raffle. Funding from this will help to support all general operations of La Salle High School, as well as provide tuition assistance.

If I chose the 15K payout and used it for tuition is there a tax savings?

No, there would be no tax savings.

How does this affect the Sports Stag, Camelot Auction, and Lancers Helping Lancers Spring Raffle?

Camelot Auction and sports stag will still continue their long tradition at La Salle High School. The Lancers Helping Lancer spring raffle was combined with the car raffle this year to create the La Salle Mega Raffle, only asking students to participate in one large fundraising effort.

Do any of the proceeds go to offsetting sports fees?

The Lancer Mega Raffle supports many areas of La Salle other than athletics. Unfortunately, the Lancer Mega Raffle is not meant to offset fees to play certain sports at La Salle High School.

As a parent will I still be required to work different sport events for booster support?

Any responsibility within booster organizations assigned should not be affected by this event.

What incentives are available for students this year?

When students sell 14 tickets they will be allowed to wear La Salle Spirit Wear for 3 specified weeks at the end of the raffle. They also will be entered into a drawing for every ticket from 14 and over to win 2- $2,500 cash prizes. Parents will also be entered into a drawing for 2- $2,500 tuition credits

What if my son is the highest seller of the school?

That is great! The first, second and third highest sellers will receive a cash prize!

What incentives are available for parents this year?

Parents are a vital part of our fundraising success. For every ticket over 14, that your student sells, you will be entered into a drawing for a two $2,500 tuition credits.

What if my son is a senior and I win the $2,500 tuition credit?

If your account is paid in full, you will receive a cash gift of $2,500.