House System

Signum Fidei

We are . . . Lancers

Leadership * Scholarship * Faith * Service * Community

Through the five Lasallian pillars, Lancers strive to develop themselves to their maximum potential: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Lancers answer the call to serve their brothers and the community. Lancers are proud of their La Salle community.

We are . . . Signs of Faith


We give every student the opportunity to find confidence in themselves, believe in their friends and the people around them, and strengthen their relationship with God.

We are . . . Family

In every house a family and in every family a Lancer.

Our House System is made up of six Houses, each House is made up of homerooms with students from all grade levels.

House Cup:

The six Houses take part in a year long competition for the House Cup, which promotes a family environment through healthy competition.

We are . . . Leaders

Every student has the opportunity to lead.

All students have the opportunity to set up and become leaders and are encouraged to have their voices heard, by joining student life committees.

Junior and Senior Leadership Program

Juniors and Seniors are trained to be Servant Leaders for the La Salle Community. As leaders, they serve as mentors for the underclassmen, leaders in the House System, and coordinate the student life committees. Senior Leaders also take a Servant Leadership class as part of their school schedule.

We are . . . Brothers

Freshman Transition

We want every freshman to be an integral part of the La Salle High School Family and have the opportunities to develop their full potential. Each freshman will be assigned to a Mentor Group, which includes two upperclassmen mentors and 5 freshmen.

  • Setting goals
  • Making friends
  • Team building
  • Getting involved
  • Acadmeic check points twice a quarter
  • Exploring what it means to be a Lancer
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