ACT Prep Course

Thinking about taking the ACT Prep Course?  Read what some of the recent class participants have said about the program:
"Taking La Salle's ACT prep course has provided me with resources to succeed and has helped me feel confident on test day. The course is insightful and practical, offering tips and tricks to succeed, while practicing actual test questions from previous years. Improvement comes through doing the assigned homework and being alert and involved during the sessions. Standardized test taking was never my strong suit, but this course has enabled me to initially score a 31 composite on the ACT and then to score a 34. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take the ACT. This is an investment well spent."
~ '20 LSI Student

“With the help of La Salle’s ACT Prep Course, I was able to raise my score from a 22 to a 30.  The course really helped me to be confident going into the test.”

~ '20 ACP student

"My daughter took the ACT Prep Course offered at La Salle High School. After taking La Salle’s course, she came away feeling so much more confident in her test-taking ability, and she raised her test score considerably! I HIGHLY
recommend La Salle’s ACT Prep Course to anyone who struggles with test anxiety and needs the skills to learn how to relax and feel confident when taking this important college entrance test."

~ Mother of '20 Student

Teacher Backgrounds:

Mrs. Kathy Moroney holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (English and Speech concentration), a Master of Arts in English/Comprehensive Studies, a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Professional Studies in Missions, and a Diploma in Mandarin Chinese. Mrs. Moroney retired after 32 years of teaching, having taught at Purdue University, Miami (Ohio) University, and the University of Cincinnati. Her final 15 years were at La Salle High School, where she taught across the academic levels. During her tenure teaching AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature and Composition, Mrs. Moroney’s students consistently scored above the national average. Through her private tutoring company, she works with students to prepare for the HSPT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests. As well, she tutors college- and
high school-level students in their coursework.

Mr. David Volk has held variety of positions during his 39-year tenure at La Salle High School.  Mr. Volk holds a Bachelor of Science in Second Mathematics and a Master of School Leadership.  He is certificated in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science.   During the 29 years of classroom experience, he taught Algebra I, Algebra II-Trigonometry, Geometry, AP Computer Science in C++ and Pascal programming languages, and multiple software application courses.   

We have found the course to be most beneficial for students who are personally motivated to devote the time required for the sessions. Test preparation is no different than any other skill: The more the student learns and practices, the better the student becomes. Based on this premise, La Salle is offering a focused, standardized, test preparation course. Our approach involves testing, skills review, problem- solving concepts and strategies, and practice materials. Participants will be taught skills and strategies for the ACT. (The majority of these skills and strategies can also be transferred to the SAT.)


All SIX sessions are at La Salle High School from 3:00 - 5:30 pm on Tuesday afternoons:

  • January 28
  • February 4, 11, 18, 25
  • March 3

The final course concludes on the Tuesday before the ACT and PreACT on Tuesday March 10.


1. Class size will be limited to the first 20 paid registrants.

2. The fee for the course is $375, which also includes the purchase of the Official ACT Prep Guide (2019-2020): ISBN: 978-1-119-58050-8. If the student already owns the textbook or wants to purchase his own copy, the fee would be $350.

3. If there are still openings, late registrations will be accepted with the same fee of $375, but the student will need to purchase his own ACT Prep Guide Book as the texts will have already been ordered for the course.

4. The entire fee must be submitted before the student is allowed to attend the course.

5. For the ACT and PreACT tests on March 10, the student is registered through the school for no additional fee.  Otherwise, the student must personally register online for the actual ACT and SAT tests as these require credit card and personal information.

6. Students who have previously taken our course may attend again without charge, but they must register.  Please contact Mrs. Moroney directly at


Post-registration, a student and his/her parents will be required to sign a commitment form, which will be provided after registration and must be submitted at the first session so that the student is able to continue to participate in the classes.

Questions? Please contact Kathy Moroney at

ACT Prep Course Registration Form