LPC Constitution



The title of the Council shall be the “La Salle Parent Council (LPC).”


The purpose of the Council shall be to:

  • advance Catholic education and faith formation at La Salle High School (LHS);
  • promote mutual support between parents and the LHS faculty/staff;
  • promote parental engagement and a sense of community in/at LHS;
  • create an open forum for dialogue with the Principal and school faculty/staff; and
  • promote the general welfare of LHS.


Membership is open to all parents and guardians of students currently attending La Salle High School. The faculty of La Salle shall be de facto members.


The Officers of the Council shall be one or more elected individuals in each of the following offices: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, one (1) De La Salle Signum Fidei (DLSFI) Parent Representative Coordinator and one (1) former LPC Executive Council officer. A vacancy in office will be filled through an appointment made by the remaining Officers. All Officers, as stated above, are the voting members of the LPC. The Officers shall receive no compensation for their holding office; but shall be reimbursed for the ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in the fulfillment of their Council duties.

Additional members will include two (2) non-voting Parent Representatives from each of the eight (8) DLSFI Foundations.

The Principal of LHS or his appointee will act as a non-voting Faculty/Staff Representative.


The election of Officers shall be held during the LPC’s final General Meeting of the year held in May. Nominations will be made and posted for a reasonable period prior to the General Meeting. All parents and LHS faculty/staff in attendance at this meeting shall be permitted to vote for the Election of Officers.


The President/Co-Presidents shall:
  1. Be the principal representative(s) and spokesperson(s) for the Council.
  2. Preside at all meetings of the Council.
  3. Receive notice of any substantive business proposed by members for meetings and prepare an agenda for each meeting.
  4. Be in full charge of the affairs of the Council, including oversight of all LPC-sponsored events and the event Chairperson(s).
  5. Maintain open and ongoing communication with the Principal.
  6. Perform such other duties as the office may require.

The Vice President/Co-Vice Presidents shall:
  1. Perform all the duties of the President, in the case of his/her absence or disability.
  2. Assist the President in the duties of that office, as requested by the President.
  3. Perform such other duties as the office may require and as requested by the President.

The Treasurer shall:
  1. Prepare a statement of receipts and disbursements and submit such statement at each meeting.
  2. Coordinate deposits and requests for expenditures with the La Salle Business Office.
  3. Prepare an annual budget for presentation at the Council’s May meeting each year. The budget will then be submitted for approval by the general membership at the September meeting each year.
  4. Lead the annual process/discussion of “Special Project Grant” allocation.
  5. Perform such other duties as the office may require and as requested by the President.

The Recording Secretary shall:
  1. Maintain accurate records of all meetings of the Council, prepare and submit minutes for approval.
  2. Post the Minutes of the Council’s meeting on the La Salle High School website within one week of approval.
  3. Gather attendance sheets from general meetings and give a list of attendee’s names to the Spirit Shop within two (2) days of the meeting
  4. Act as the custodian of all official records and files of the Council.
  5. Coordinate with appropriate faculty/staff to maintain a current LPC webpage on the La Salle website.
  6. Perform such other duties as the office may require and as requested by the President.

The Corresponding Secretary shall:
  1. Conduct all communications and correspondence for the Council.
  2. Gather and/or compose and submit Council’s entry for the weekly Principal’s e-Newsletter.
  3. Complete outreach for staff/faculty and general membership at time of major life events. Life events are defined as Catholic sacrament of initiation (for actual staff member), marriage, baptism of a child, death of an immediate family member, or an approved significant medical leave of absence.
  4. Collaborate with Event Chairperson(s) on communications/advertising of LPC events.
  5. Perform such other duties as the office may require and as requested by the President.


The DLSFI Parent Representative Coordinator shall:
  1. Make recommendations to the Executive Council for DSLFI Parent Representative events and activities.
  2. Initiate and oversee DSLFI Parent Representative programs, as approved by the Executive Council.
  3. Maintain open and ongoing communication with the LPC President.
  4. Maintain open and ongoing communication with the DLSFI Director.

The DLSFI Parent Representatives shall:
  1. Be a liaison to the LHS community, through support and dialogue.
  2. Coordinate social and/or service events for parents or parents/students in their Foundation, with the guidance of the Executive Council.
  3. Implement a La Salle Connections program for parents of new students in their Foundation.
  4. Provide support for one or more regular LPC event per year.
  5. Maintain open and ongoing communication with the DLSFI Parent Representative Coordinator.


Activities of the LPC for the following year will be identified and approved at the final Executive Council meeting of the year. Activities may include, but are not limited to, the following events: Receptions (National Honor Society Induction, Open House, Junior Ring Ceremony, Commitment Night, DLSFI Senior Declaration Night, Non-Senior Academic Awards); Speaker Series; Fall Craft Fair; Mother & Son Euchre Tournament; Faculty & Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Lunch programs; Christmas Cookies for Students; Career Day; Fundraising Activities; Dance Chaperones; Tuition Drawing at LPC General Meetings; Academic and Facility Improvements; the Annual LPC Art Award and Senior Picnic.

The LPC will coordinate a “La Salle Connections” optional program for parents of new students through the leadership of the DLSFI Parent Representative Coordinator and the DLSFI Parent Representatives of each of the eight (8) Foundations.

Activities will be added or eliminated at the discretion of the Executive Council.


All events sponsored/supported by the LPC will have one or more Chairperson(s) approved by the Executive Council.

The Chairperson(s) of a sponsored event shall:
  1. Assume all responsibilities designated for the LPC event.
  2. Form a committee of volunteers in order to coordinate the event and work from its development to completion.
  3. Maintain open and ongoing communication with the LPC President.
  4. Coordinate advertising efforts with the LPC President, the Corresponding Secretary and, in some cases, the La Salle Director of Community Development.
  5. Attend Executive Council meetings and/or send an update to the LPC President for communication/report to the Council both prior to and following the event.
  6. Keep an inventory of LPC equipment and supplies and maintain order in the LPC closet.
  7. Train future Chairperson(s), to ensure a succession plan for the event’s future success.

  1. General meetings of the Council, offering speakers/presentations shall be held every other month from September through May at the school. All parents and faculty/staff will be encouraged to attend.
  2. Executive Council meetings will be held at least bi-monthly.
  3. A “Discussion Forum” with the Principal and/or school staff will be held as needed with the Executive Council and the DLSFI Foundation Parent Representatives. The Principal, or delegate, will be moderator at these forums.
  4. Special meetings of the Council may be called by any LPC Officer.
  5. The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order will be used to govern the proceedings of this Council. Executive Council votes will be made by a quorum, defined as a simple majority of filled Executive Council positions.


The La Salle Parent Council (LPC) shall be governed by this Constitution and operate under the authority of the Principal of La Salle High School.


This Constitution may be amended at any General LPC meeting upon approval of a majority of those in attendance at such meeting. The proposed amendment must be presented in writing to and approved by the LPC Executive Council. The amendment shall then be posted on the LHS website for a reasonable period prior to vote on the amendment. Unless otherwise provided for, the amendment will take effect immediately upon adoption.


This Constitution amends and restates as in substitution for any other Constitution or authority document which may have been previously adopted by the LPC or its predecessors.

The Constitution was approved by a vote of those in attendance at the May 7, 2014 LPC General Meeting.



1. Reimbursement for funds spent will be submitted to the Treasurer within two (2) months following the event or following purchase.

2. Requests for funds from the faculty, staff and/or extracurricular activities Special Project Grant program must be submitted in writing to the Treasurer during the annual open “LPC Special Project Funding Grant” period held within the first four weeks of each school year. The intention of this funding is to bolster programs requiring special support, with a one-time funding grant. (Not intended to support repeat program costs or Athletic programs.) The Executive Council will select recipients based on:

a) The consistency of request (not more then one (1) time within a three (3) year period for the same extracurricular activity, unless the item or activity benefits the whole school and the purpose of the LPC.
b) Applicability of request to the current initiatives/focus of the LPC.
c) Advancement of the LHS Mission.
d) Budget constraints of LPC Funds.
e) Requests made that are not during this open period will be looked at on an individual basis, using the same method (with a majority vote of Executive Council to approve.)

3. Expenditures of $1000.00 or less may be approved by a majority vote of the LPC Executive Council at the meeting in which the expenditures are presented for a vote and a quorum is present.

4. Expenditures of greater than $1000.00, if prioritized and approved by the Executive Council, must be submitted to the General Membership for a vote at an LPC General meeting. Approval of such expenditures shall require a majority vote of the members in attendance.

5. On occasion, funding for a general improvement for the school will be considered. The Executive Council will consult with the Principal, or his/her delegate, to designate a project for which funds could be used for the general good of the school. The decision to fund will be determined by the Council according to the amount of monies available.