ACT Prep Course

La Salle High School offers an ACT Intensive Prep Course:

This course is especially offered for seniors and juniors who will be taking the ACT on Saturday, July 17, 2021.  As well, the course will prepare students for the ACT in September and October (or the SAT in August and October).

We have found the course to be most beneficial for students who are personally motivated to devote the time required for the sessions. Test preparation is no different than any other skill: The more the student learns and practices, the better the student becomes. Based on this premise, La Salle is offering a focused, standardized, test preparation course. Our approach involves testing, skills review, problem- solving concepts and strategies, and practice materials. (The majority of these skills and strategies can also be transferred to the SAT.)

Fall ACT course details will be provided after school resumes in August.