ACT Prep Course

La Salle High School offersa ACT Intensive Prep Course:

This course is especially offered for seniors and juniors who will be taking the ACT on Saturday, July 17, 2021.  As well, the course will prepare students for the ACT in September and October (or the SAT in August and October).

We have found the course to be most beneficial for students who are personally motivated to devote the time required for the sessions. Test preparation is no different than any other skill: The more the student learns and practices, the better the student becomes. Based on this premise, La Salle is offering a focused, standardized, test preparation course. Our approach involves testing, skills review, problem- solving concepts and strategies, and practice materials. (The majority of these skills and strategies can also be transferred to the SAT.)


ALL six sessions are at La Salle High School from 10:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. on Tuesday mornings: June 8, 15, 22, and 29; July 6 and 13.  The final course session concludes on the Tuesday before the Saturday (July 17) ACT.  If students are interested but their schedules do not align with these dates, then please contact Mrs. Moroney to discuss other possibilities.


1. Class size will be limited to the first 20 paid registrants.

2. Registration is open April 20-May 18.  Registration is on La Salle’s website under the Student information.

3. The fee for the course is $375, which also includes the purchase of the Official ACT Prep Guide (2020-2021). If the student already owns the textbook or wants to purchase his own copy, the fee would be $350.

4. If there are still openings, late registrations will be accepted with the same fee of $375, but the student will need to purchase his own ACT book as the texts will have already been ordered for the course.

5. The entire fee must be submitted before the student will be allowed to attend the course.

6. For the ACT and SAT tests, the student must personally register online for the ACT and SAT tests as these require credit card and personal information.

7. Students who have previously taken our course may attend again without charge, but they must contact Mrs. Moroney.


Post-registration, a student and his/her parents will be required to sign a commitment form, which will be provided after registration and must be submitted at the first session so that the student is able to continue to participate in the classes.

Questions? Please contact Kathy Moroney,