Health Forms for 2017

Hello Parents, it is hard to believe we are almost ready to begin another year. I would like to give you all a heads up to the medical information for this school year. I am going back to paper. The online forms for my office did not work well and did not get a good response so I am sending them through the newsletter and email (in a week or so). Please return these forms by the first day of school.

If an over the counter medicine is not listed on the Over the Counter form, a prescription medication form must be used and signed BY THE DOCTOR, not a parent.

Please note if your son carries an inhaler he must return the Prescription medication form to my office with a signature form the doctor stating he can carry his own inhaler. Same would be for the Epi Pen.

All seniors must have a copy of their immunization record with a Menningitis/ MCV4/ Menectra (all the same vaccine different names) vaccine after the age of 16. Some seniors have already returned their shot records and I thank you. If you haven't returned a copy of your son's immunizations in the spring or summer please do so BY the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL.

Freshman Immunizations
ALL freshman MUST send a copy of their immunizations to the nurse by the start of school. Please label it "For the Nurse".

If you need a medical or religious immunization waiver please email and I will forward it to you. The waiver must be signed by your Physician.

Our fax number is 741-2666 if your doctor chooses to fax the immunization records. Please put attention Susan Geoppinger.
Please note- I cannot verify receipt until school starts.

Any questions you can reach me through email at

Thank you and enjoy your summer!
Susan Geoppinger RN, BSN, LSN
School Nurse
LaSalle High School