Health Forms for 2018


Final Forms will have medication forms but I would like to explain what they forms are for. 

The Over the Counter Medication Form

This is for the medications and dosages listed on the form.  I use this form for minor aches and pains like headaches, body aches from sports, braces pain and things like that. It also has an allergy medication for days your son forgot to take one, it has itch cream and antibiotic ointment for cuts.  

I must have a signature to administer any of those medications. I highly recommend every parent fill it out for the "just in case" days. Headaches are common in the heat and during the fall and spring with allergies.  Having the opportunity to get rid of a headache early allows the boys to concentrate better in class and helps them handle after school activities feeling good.  

This form is not for you to add other over the counter medications on to it.  If the medication is not listed the Doctor needs to fill out and sign the Administration of medication form attached.  It will also be in final forms.



If your son has asthma and needs an inhaler please use the Administration of medication form.  The doctor needs to sign it and if your son plans to carry it with him, it must be marked by the doctor that he may self-carry.

I also attached an asthma plan to be returned to me so we have an emergency plan on file.



These are allergies requiring Epi Pens/ Auvi Q.  Use the administration of medication form, have the doctor fill it out.  Very few but some boys will self carry an  Epi Pen, it Must be checked.  I attached an emergency plan for the Anaphylaxis.  You must return the plan with the medication form.  I also recommend getting a form filled out and sending in Benedryl.  It is a good first line medication. 

Nut and food allergies

I want to be sure every parent whose son has a food allergy and especially nut allergy, is aware of basic questions concerning the cafeteria.

The Cafeteria is very helpful about ingredients, however your son must look or ASK.  The workers will help him find the ingredients and answer any questions about the food prep.  

If your son needs to be  cautious about the surface of the table I highly recommend he take a clean tray or bring a paper towel or napkin to set his food on.  The tables get wiped but you can never to be too cautious.  We do not have a peanut free area.  If this is a problem notify me directly.

If you have any questions about your sons needs at school with health problems please let me know.  I will be in the office part time next week and full time there after.  



Susan Geoppinger RN, BSN, LSN

School Nurse

LaSalle High School