How does a NWLSD Levy affect non-public parents? Why is it important to me? 

Passing the levy will affect parochial schools in a variety of ways. Strong schools directly relate to property values and community strength. 

Our district supports non-public schools in a variety of ways such as:  

  • NWLSD manages approximately $6 million dollars a year for non-public schools.
  • NWLSD is the fiscal agent that provides processing and approvals for state and federal funds, maintaining compliance of special education paperwork for scholarships (in 2018, this totaled to $1.8 million), hiring staff and processing payroll and purchase orders for the use of State and Federal funds.
  • NWLSD provides transportation beyond the state minimum for non-public schools currently costs our District about $1.4 million a year. This year we transported 1,517 non-public school students, which contributes to the 6,522 miles that are driven daily by NWLSD buses. 
  • We provide non-public school groups access to our facilities in the evenings for meetings and sports programs, which require custodial coverage. 

If the new levy passes, how much will each homeowner pay per month?

Based on a $100K home, homeowners would pay an additional $21.88 per month. A homeowner with a $250K home would pay an additional $54.69 per month. 

How many Mills is the District actually asking for? 

7.5 mills will generate $11 million for the Northwest Local School District.

If the new levy does not pass, how will it affect non-public transportation? 

If the levy fails in November, NWLSD would implement the 2 mile state limit for the 2020/2021 school year.                                             

If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming levy, join the NWLSD Superintendent and Treasurer for: SUPER CIRCLE: Round table discussion, transparent exchange, Strong School District.

October 23rd, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Colerain High School 

8801 Cheviot Rd. 


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