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The Go Beyond Raffle kicked off on Thursday with an all-school rally highlighted with the announcement of the class faculty captains.

Each student was given 15 raffle tickets to sell to family, friends, neighbors, and others in the Lancer community. Online ticket sales are available at or through the form below. Tickets are 1 for $20 or 3 for $50.

Raffle winners will be drawn on December 21.The awards are cash prizes to the winners: Grand Prize - $10,000; 2nd Prize- $2,500; 3rd Prize- $1,000.

Turn in days are Nov 21, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15, Dec 21 before school in the courtyard entrance. Students can hand in tickets with cash/ check in an envelope with their name written on the outside of the envelope.

This year, the raffle incentives are based on class year as well as individual sales. Class based competitions will be lead by class faculty captains: seniors by Mr. Luke Midkiff; juniors by Mr. Jay Volker; sophomores by Mr. Aaron Hampel; and freshman by Mr. Jake Pucci.

Class incentives are based on per man average sales. Individual incentives are based on a single student sales.

School-Wide Student Incentives

School-wide incentives are determined by per man amounts and by class
  • Class achieves 1/2 of their goal: 1/2 day off school (rest of classes are in school)
  • Class achieves their goal: 1 full day off school (rest of classes are in school)
  • School achieves their goal: 1 full day off school (whole school)

Individual Student Incentives:

Individual goal: 15 tickets

  • Any student who reaches their individual goal will be able to be out of uniform and be able to "no shave" until the end of the raffle (Dec 21)
  • Students will also have turn-in day incentives which include gift cards, tickets to UC and XU Basketball games, prom ticket, and many more. Please see the announcement with incentive information for each turn in day

For more information, please contact Bill Zoz at