Greetings from Hindman, KY. We have had a great time here in Appalachia serving, learning and growing in our faith-seeking understanding. One of the goals of the Called to Serve retreats is to challenge and support the students to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. You might ask...what did you do? We have spent our time helping two families here in Hindman, Kentucky to rebuild their homes so that their family can be safe, warm and dry this winter, and beyond. That's not all, we have spent significant time living together in community as Lasallian brothers and sisters, intentionally focused on who we are as people of God, while having fun, sharing about our hopes, fears and dreams. In short, it's not only WHAT we have done, it's also HOW we have lived our lives during these 3 days of retreat which make this retreat so impactful.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Celebrated a Mass with our Franciscan brothers and sisters at the St. Anthony Friary.
  • Visited the Appal Center, met a local guest D.J. and were able to tell our story on a live FM radio station (88.7 WMNT).
  • Witnessed a presentation by Mr. Mitch who is a local retired gentleman who has certifications in helping local birds of prey to rehabilitate. We were within three feet of a bald eagle!
  • Helped Mrs. Rachel and her family as she battles cancer and she focuses on raising her kids and surviving we helped her have a safe entrance way to her home by installing a railing, gutters and new decking boards.
  • Met Robert and helped him to clean out under his home, install some much needed insulation and vapor barriers for the winter months. We witnessed his joy of singing for the Lord as he sang two special songs for us. Probably most importantly, we simply spent time with him and listened to his journey of grief after losing his wife.
  • Jammed out with Randy a local and very talented musician, story teller and Appalachian cultural guru. Ask your son about Randy's collection of stringed instruments...pretty awesome to see and hear!
  • Lived together in community, cleaning-up after one another, preparing food for one another, praying with and for one another. We met Lou and Pete the local SWAP ministers who have left a tremendous spiritual impression upon all of us.

We are... Called to Serve.