Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministry in a Lasallian School: what we promise, we live!

We are missioned to change the lives of the students entrusted to our care. We do this through relationships centered on the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Daily we encourage and support the human and spiritual development of the young. So, the Campus Ministry team strives to assure a welcoming presence and special support for all, we call this pastoral ministry. As pastoral ministers we offer training and pastoral resources to our students, their parents, our staff and alumni, and our friends and benefactors.

We learn early on in the Gospel of Mark of the reality of God’s presence in our world and the importance of transformation in the lives’ of the Christian community, as it states: “The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.” The term repent, or metanoia, means a heartfelt transformation. It seems that Jesus the Christ wants us to understand early in his earthly ministry of God’s will for us to give witness to life-giving transformation.

In the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of all educators, we continue to intentionally place students and their respective needs at the center of the educational environment at La Salle High School. As a Lasallian educator we join together and by association, to continue to give witness to the daily transformation of the young men entrusted to our care. These young men learn and live the Lasallian values of being a brother to one another and to all of creation. At La Salle High School we continue to teach that a Lasallian brother is someone who places God at the center of their life, seeking God’s loving truth in their relationships, maximizing their God given gifts and talents. And so, the Campus Ministry office strives to partner with students, parents, alumni, pastors, youth ministers, to create a ministry of presence where all can grow their full potential: mind, body and spirit. As disciples of Jesus Christ we call this dimension of our school pastoral ministry.

The pastoral ministry dimension in our school take on the following:

Companions On a Journey

Companions on a Journey is for students, faculty, and staff that have lost a loved one. Meetings are held once a month in a private location to allow free and open discussion on the participant's life situation. Attendance is voluntary. Please see Mr. Winiarski for more information.