Lasallian Heritage and History

St. John Baptist de La Salle, April 30, 1651 – April 7, 1719

Priest, educational reformer, and founder of Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools; saint of the Roman Catholic church & patron saint of teachers.

Lasallian Spirituality

By Mick Owens and Robert Sauerbrey

Spirituality is a world view which guides our search for purpose and truth and which directs our actions. Christian spirituality sees the sacredness of all creation as given to us by God, “in whom we live and breathe and have our being.” Catholic Christian spirituality also draws on the historical traditions of the Church, the people of God, the body of Christ. The heart of this tradition is the Paschal Mystery which affirms that death leads to life, and that selfless service is the fullness of our humanity. In Jesus’ world, service to God and service to others are one and the same.

Lasallian spirituality defines us and directs our decisions.

Lasallian spirituality sees our work as our mission, not a job. We strive to live Gospel values such as compassion, justice, and faith. We try to never forget that we are in God’s presence, and we stop often to recall that relationship with God. We meet God in prayer and see Him in the face of each student that we teach. Our mission calls us to serve all students, in particular those with special needs, be they financial, educational, emotional, or spiritual. Our school’s crest, “Corpus, Mens, Anima,” reminds us of our goal to prepare our students to become whole persons who live lives of dignity and integrity.

Keeping Lasallian Spirituality in Focus.

Every program in the Lasallian school embodies Jesus’ vision as expressed by St. John Baptist de La Salle. We draw on the individual talents of our students and make them conscious of their interrelation with all creation. The Lasallian community fulfills a spiritual call to service. A Lasallian school is committed to the Lasallian vocation. Our response to this vocation is our educational ministry.