Participation Fees

At La Salle, we try to keep the participation fees as reasonable as possible. Below is a listing of the proposed participation fees for the upcoming year. Participation fees are flexible and may change based on the activity's coordinator's determination.

Participation fees are critical for us to provide the programs and support for our many co-curricular activities. Coaches and moderators work with administration in setting budgets that ensure fiscal accountability and business best practices. All budgets include not only expenses but revenue from areas such as ticket sales, donations and participation fees. The collection of fee's is a requirement for any student who wishes to participate in a co-curricular. All fees will be billed through our FACTs Tuition Billing System for La Salle students.



  • Cross Country $275
  • Football (all levels) $365
  • Football (us own helmet) $325
  • Golf $350
  • Soccer $350
  • Basketball $250
  • Bowling $250
  • Ice Hockey $1800/ $1500
  • Swimming $250
  • Wrestling $500/$350


  • Baseball $500 V; $425 JV
  • Lacrosse $500
  • Tennis $325 new players; $250 returning players
  • Track & Field $250
  • Volleyball $265



Fine Arts


    • Marching Band $425
    • Winter Guard $555
    • Wind Ensemble $75
    • Jazz Ensemble $75


    • Mainstage performances $85
    • Blackbox performances $50
    • PB & J performance $20
    • No fee for Passion Play, but requires t-shirt first year of participation
    • Crew on mainstage productions $25

      Vocal Ensemble

      • 1st year Vocal Ensemble $87
      • 1st year students are encouraged to purchase a VE polo and jacket that meet school uniform requirements. $50
      • 2nd & 3rd year Vocal Ensemble $35
      • The Choral Department supplies a VE shirt and tie. It is the student's responsibility to take proper care of the clothing and return them at the end of the year.
      • Students are responsible for payment of one competition trip per year, location TBD.

      Men's Choir

      • Responsible for purchase black pants, white long sleeve dress shirt, black shoes.
      • LS ties will be provided by the choral department.