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The Lancers [12-10] start tournament play Tuesday, February 26, against the Milford Eagles [12-11] at Lakota West High School at 6:00 PM. Milford enters the game on a hot streak, having won 5 of their last 6 games.

Goedde said of the tournament draw, "I was happy how it fell out. We just have to perform." La Salle had a bye in the 1st round. If they are fortunate enough to beat Milford they would probably play #3 seed Mason in the 3rd round.

Milford is led by Steven Huxell, the #2 scorer in the Eastern Cincinnati League, averaging 15.7 points a game. Huxell shoots 42% from the field and 41% from behind the 3-point line. In his 1st tournament game against Harrison, Huxell went 7/11 from the field for 20 points. He also had 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals.

Goedde said of Huxell, "He is the best player in the ECC. He can do everything. They also have 3 other guards that are a step down from him, but they are nice players. They are more guard oriented which fits our style more."

To beat Milford Goedde said, "We are going to have to limit Huxell's touches and make sure that every shot he gets off he has earned. The biggest thing we have to do is keep him out of the middle of the floor. They like to score from that area."

As far as his team's health Coach Goedde said, "I think we are pretty healthy and ready to go."

For the tournament La Salle will add to their roster from the JV Justin Lovette, Kevin Crigler, Ayden Schneider and Zach Branam. What their role will be remains to be seen.

Looking Back

When asked what was the biggest thing you have learned about your team from the beginning of the season until now Coach Goedde answered, "I didn't think we would have a hard time scoring and we have had a hard time scoring. I also didn't think we would be as good as we are on defense. I thought it would be in reverse of how it has turned out."

"Our guys have gotten better and I know our schedule is really tough. I get it. We made it tough to prepare for games like we are going to play on Tuesday."

Time Off

Because of their 1st round bye the Lancers have a 10-day break between games. Because of the La Salle Auction they had to spend half of the break practicing at Oak Hills. La Salle was off last Saturday and Sunday and has practiced every day since. Goedde said of Sunday's practice, "Today was really good. It was a very spirited practice. Guys were flying around the floor, diving on the floor."

When asked if there would be any changes in playing style for the tournament Goedde said, "We will play about the way we have played all year."