Pat Goedde is back for his second season, calling the shots for the Lancers' basketball team. Pat had a very successful first year, going 15-10, and coming in second in the GCL behind Moeller. La Salle also finished the year strong, winning 8 of their last 10 games.

Hard to replace will be Riley Haubner, who was named co-GCL Player Of The Year, leading the league in scoring with a 21.3 average per game. Henry Louden, who was 2nd team All-GCL, also graduated with a 7-point per game average. The third senior to graduate was Quinn Ealy, who was a big help on the defensive end of the court.

When Pat was asked how he planned to make up the 30 points in scoring he lost to graduation, he answered, "Hopefully we will have 6 guys that will average about 10 points each. It will be a lot easier to play that way. Teams should have trouble guarding us this year. We might have a night where one guy scores 20 and another night when he scores 6, but we will have balance."

Pat continued, "The main thing I learned from my first year of coaching was to be patient. I took us a little bit longer to get where we needed to be last year. Riley was the only one that had any experience last year. The patience I learned last year is going to continue on this year because we don't have many guys with varsity experience. Next year we will have 5 or 6 guys with varsity experience."

Pat has three returning football players hopefully coming back, Kevin Swift, Cam Porter and Deon Campbell. That is a lot of commitment going from football right into basketball with little break, so Pat left it up to them to make the decision, at the end of the football season, whether they will come out.

When asked how the team will be different this year Pat said, "We are going to be totally different this year with much more balanced scoring. There will be a reliance on 6 or 7 guys rather than one guy. As far as a starting lineup, there are a few guys I know will be there. About 6 of the 11 will have a good shot. It could be a different lineup every game. We will probably play 8-10 players a game. A lot of these guys are very similar. They can shoot. They are very good offensively but they are going to have to play defense to get in."

"On defense we are going to get after them like we did last year. I think we will be quicker. We are going to try to spread the floor."

Pat was also excited about how much stronger and conditioned the team has become. In the off-season the team lifted weights four times a week under Coach Huxel and the results show.

"In summer we had slow progress. We had some guys improve outrageously and then take a step back. I have to be patient and keep coaching. We have been inconsistent because we have not played enough together."

"Nathan Voglepohl has really improved from the end of the year till now, so has Jaylen Lemons. Derek Eddings and Jeff Queen are also much improved."

"We have 5 seniors for the first time in awhile but only two of them have varsity experience. We have very skilled players coming in school but not tall players. We have a lot of guys 6'1"-6'4" but we don't have that big guy like Joe Gampfer."

Pat is excited about the schedule. He said, "It will really help prepare the team for the tournament. We play perennial power Covington Catholic and Purcell Marian who should be very good this year. Elder and X will be better and so will GCL champ Moeller. We play Trotwood Madison in the Martin Luther King Tournament. We also play Oak Hills and Withrow. I'm trying to improve the schedule every year."