Sports Science

Sports science is the application of scientific principles to exercise and sport.

La Salle has a team of professionals available to educate students on the physical and psychological elements of sports, recreation, health, and wellness.

Athletic Training

Dedicated staff at Beacon Orthopedics monitor our Student Athletes. They closely supervise therapy progress and weight training. Members of the Athletic Training Staff attend every sporting event at La Salle.

Sports Nutrition

La Salle encourages all students to be as healthy in their lifestyle choices. The Strength and Conditioning coaches in collaboration with Sports Medicine professionals developed a Nutrition Manual for all La Salle students. Student Athletes are strongly encouraged to follow the manual.

Click here to download at .pdf version of the manual.

Strength & Conditioning


Coach: Jim Huxel,

The mission of La Salle High School’s Strength and Conditioning Program is two-fold: 1) enhancement of athletic performance, and 2) reduction of injuries. This will be accomplished through a comprehensive program design and implementation with special attention to developing a balanced athlete that will include linear speed, agility, range of movement, absolute and functional strength and sport specific power. Through this our athletes will reach their highest potential. The year-round strength and conditioning program is based upon 11 performance enhancement principles: