La Salle Eligibility Requirements


Any student is fully eligible to participate in all co-curricular activities, including interscholastic athletics, unless he is ineligible for academic or disciplinary reason or he is ineligible according to Ohio High School Athletic Association by-laws.

Furthermore, in order to be eligible to participate in any co-curricular activity, either athletic or non-athletic, a student in Grades 9-12 must be currently enrolled, must have been enrolled in school the immediately preceding quarter, and must have received passing grades during that preceding quarter in a minimum of 5 one-credit courses or the equivalent, each of which counts toward graduation. Summer school grades earned may not be used to substitute for failing grades from the last quarter of the regular school year. In addition, a minimum overall average of 70% in a preceding quarter is required for students to participate in any of the co-curricular activities (athletic and non-athletic).

The eligibility or ineligibility of a student continues until the start of the fifth school day of the next grading period, at which time the grades from the immediately preceding grading period become effective. Exception: eligibility or ineligibility for the first grading period commences with the start of the fall sports season.

To be athletically eligible an incoming freshman enrolled in the first grading period after advancement from the eighth grade must have passed a minimum of five of all subjects carried the preceding grading period in which the student was enrolled.

There are numerous additional Ohio High School Athletic Association by-laws which govern the eligibility of students to participate in interscholastic athletics. For example, after a student completes the eighth grade, or is otherwise eligible for high school athletics, the student shall be eligible for a period not to exceed eight semesters taken in order of attendance, whether the student participates or not. Also, if a student enrolled in high school attains the age of 19 before August 1, the student shall be ineligible to participate in high school interscholastic athletics for the school year commencing in that calendar year. All of the OHSAA eligibility requirements can be referenced by either going to their website or asking our Athletic Director.