Frequently Asked Questions


Below are questions student athletes may want to consider and/or ask college or university coaches.


  • Does the college offer the major you want?
  • What percentage of the players graduate in 5-yrs?
  • What academic support is offered to student athletes?
  • How many credit hours should I take in season?
  • Is summer school available and what percent of the team goes?
  • How many credit hours does an athlete take in summer school?
  • What academic support is offered in summer school?
  • What are the housing and food accommodations in summer school?
  • What restrictions are there in scheduling classes around practices?
  • What accommodations are made for away games and classes missed?
  • What is the faculty to student ratio?
  • What percentage of the students in my major get a job in that field?
  • What all is included in this scholarship?


  1. Will I be red-shirted my first year?
  2. What position will I be playing?
  3. How many other athletes are you recruiting in my position?
  4. How often do the players lift in season and out of season?
  5. When does the head coach’s contract end?
  6. What happens if I am injured and can no longer play?
  7. How long does my scholarship last?
  8. How many players were drafted last year?
  9. How many players had free-agent tryouts?
  10. How many players are in the professional league?

Student Life

  • How far away do you want to be?
  • How big of a school do you want to attend?
  • Do you want an urban or a rural setting?
  • Where do the athletes live?
  • Where do the athletes eat?
  • What are the residence halls like?
  • Do most athletes live on campus?
  • What opportunities are there for jobs during the year?
  • Can freshmen have cars on campus?
  • How do the students get around campus and town?
  • What places are around campus for food, hotels, shopping and entertainment