La Salle Grad Pays It Forward

Cincinnati- Tyler Haubner '13 could be found on any given day running down fly balls for the La Salle baseball team back in 2013. Perhaps one of the biggest plays he would make in his young life would come after he graduated from La Salle High School and at a venue you won't find any baseballs or bats.

It was a typical early Summer day on May 4, 2017 just outside the White Oak Barber Shop. Haubner was awaiting his turn to see barber Kevin Heid '99 when a WWII Vet would walk in the door and sit right next to him. Haubner engaged in a 20-minute conversation with the veteran and come to learn a great deal about the experience of this American hero. After what seemed to be just mere minutes, Haubner heard his name called by Heid. It was his turn in the chair. As he sat, he continued his conversation with whom he would come to know as Richard Neidhard. He learned of his incredible sacrifice as a member of the Army Air Corps.

After his haircut, Haubner decided it was time to give back. This is where we'll let the Cincinnati Enquirer pick it up. Read the incredible story of Tyler Haubner '13 putting into action what he learned at La Salle High School. Click here.