Kyle Wunderlich '01
La Salle Class of 2001 graduate Kyle Wunderlich recently returned to Cincinnati to begin a new job as the Regional
Business Director for the Cintas Corporation. He lives in Lebanon, Ohio, with his wife, Jessica, and their two children — 4-year-old Kylie and 2-year- old Drew. Although he never left La Salle in spirit, he has been able to reconnect with our school physically because he is closer We caught up with Kyle to ask him a few questions about his return to campus:

What led to your recent reconnection with the la Salle alumni association?

I recently moved back to the Cincinnati area after leaving in Indianapolis for the past 5.5 years. With closer proximity to La Salle, I have had better access to be involved in a variety of activities. While I lived in Indianapolis, I stayed connected to La Salle through
social media, listening to WLSN radio, and annual giving. On multiple occasions, I was able to catch La Salle football games when they were played in Indiana. So my reconnection with La Salle recently has been physical presence, but spiritually I've always felt connected to the La Salle community. I intend to continue to be more involved in the La Salle community events but of course, the ultimate balancing act is still family, work, and all the other "stuff," La Salle being some of that "stuff." I've come to recognize that although I can't be involved in everything, periodic involvement is important to continue the La Salle legacy.

What impact does being involved with la Salle have on you, years after graduation?

I enjoy the La Salle community, seeing it's growth and development since 2001, and involving my family in a big part of my younger years. However, I ultimately feel that my involvement as an alum is important because of the impact it has on current and future students. Long before I enrolled at La Salle in 1997, there were years of alumni and parents that helped create the
La Salle environment that benefited me; an environment that I feel had great impact on my life. My hope is to help continue to make a La Salle education and experience impactful for future La Salle graduates.

Why la Salle? in other words, what is it about our school that keeps you involved?

The La Salle brotherhood is powerful. Even 15 years after graduation, I feel connected to guys that I haven't seen since college. I remember my Kairos experience like it happened yesterday. I stay grounded in my appreciation for the teachers, parents,
community, and alumni that helped build a strong, Christian foundation in my life. Also, the recent success of our student athletes in a variety of sports has been an engaging way to stay connected.

What is your best memory from being a student at La Salle?

I had a lot of great memories at La Salle, some of which probably aren't appropriate for print! I had many memorable dances, sporting events, and four memorable years in Mrs. Wittle's French class. However, my best memory was being a group leader on Kairos. The power of helping and connecting with other students that I didn't know well, has stayed with me for all these years. Even greater, that experience forced me to have a deeper relationship with myself, God, and to grow in confidence.

How about your best memory of La Salle in your years as an alum?

I had the opportunity to coach the soccer goalkeepers with Coach Schulten for a few years following college graduation. I enjoyed getting to see the kids grow, staying involved with La Salle, and keeping active in the sport that I love. If everything comes together, I'm hoping to create another great memory at the 2017 Camelot Auction! I used to volunteer at that event as a student and have always wanted to attend to continue the legacy.

how can the La Salle alumni network help you specifically and other alums in general?

Living in Lebanon and in Indianapolis previously, I don't encounter many La Salle alums on a frequent basis. For this reason, the La Salle alumni network can help me reconnect me with other La Salle graduates. Selfishly speaking, I am excited for the La Salle alumni network to help me connect with potential career candidates in the business world. At Cintas, we are always looking for hard working, disciplined people and La Salle alum typically fit that mold. Lastly, although I currently have a great career, there are a variety of factors that could disrupt my situation in a hurry. By leveraging the La Salle Alumni Network now, I will be able to establish relationships that could be of even greater value if or when faced with a major life change.