Transferring to La Salle?

La Salle High School reviews potential transfer students at the end of each semester. If you wish to transfer to La Salle High School please contact Director of Admissions, Jake Pucci, by phone at 513-741-2365, by email at, or by completing the transfer application here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to transfer to La Salle?

Ideally, the best time to transfer to La Salle is at the end of a school year. However, exceptions have been made to transfer at the semester break and even, though very rare, during the middle of a quarter for special circumstances.

What is required to transfer to La Salle?

La Salle requires that prospective transfer students complete a transfer application for admissions, submit a release of records form so we can view transcripts/grades from their current high school along with a discipline/behavioral report, as well as a non-teacher recommendation form. To access the transfer application for admissions and the non-teacher recommendation form, please click here.

Will my son be eligible to participate in athletics at La Salle?

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), under the transfer bylaw states:

If a student transfers at any time after the fifth day of the student's ninth grade year, or after having established eligibility prior to the start of school by playing in a contest (scrimmage, preview/jamboree, foundation game, or regular season/tournament contest), the student shall be ELIGIBLE, insofar as transfer is concerned, for ONLY the first 50% of the maximum allowable regular season contests (including all scrimmages, preview/jamboree/foundation games) in those sports in which the student participated (participation being defined as playing in a contest) during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding this transfer. This transfer consequence shall remain in effect until the one-year anniversary of the date of enrollment in the school to which the student transferred, at which time the student is no longer considered a transfer student. After the first 50% of the maximum allowable regular season contests have been completed, the student shall then become INELIGIBLE for the remainder of the regular season contests. Furthermore, the student shall also remain ineligible to participate in the OHSAA sponsored tournament(s) in those respective sports until the one-year anniversary of the student's date of enrollment. A student who did not participate in an OHSAA recognized sport in the 12 months immediately preceding the transfer is not subject to the consequence of this transfer bylaw.

If you have further questions about athletic eligibility please contact La Salle's Athletic Director, Keith Pantling, by phone at 513-741-2386 or by email at or visit the Ohio High School Athletic Association website:

Are there any tuition assistance opportunities for transfer students?

Tuition assistance is determined by FACTS. Prospective transfer students will complete the FACTS application after they have been accepted to attend La Salle High School.