Summer Camps

All camps are held on La Salle’s Campus. If you have an emergency and need to contact your child, call La Salle’s Main Office: 741-3000 or the Business Office: 741-2370.

Sessions Are Determined by the Grade the Camper will be entering in the Fall of ’18. Registrations will be accepted up until the 1st day of camp for camps which are not limited to a specific number.

3D Modeling & Animation


Boys & Girls entering grades 5 thru 9

Session 1: 5th - 9th grades July 9-13 1:00p - 3:00p

Session 2 (Advanced Class): 5th - 9th grades July 16-20 1:00p - 3:00p

Maximum enrollment: 30 each class

Deadline to register: June 30 or until class is full.

This camp explores the basic fundamentals of creating 3D models, including some really cool projects animating 3D objects as well as creating and applying textures to those objects. We focus on Autodesk's 3DS Max and Mudbox as well as Adobe Photoshop to create the textures. We will be showing in class examples of some of our students’ work from La Salle as well as professional work. The Advanced Class will be a continuation of the instruction from the first week. To register for the Advanced class, students must take the introductory class also. Both classes are $75.

For more information e-mail Luke Midkiff at


ART CAMP – $90.00 (CO-ED)

Boys and Girls entering grades K-4 Time: 9am -11:30am; June 18-22

Theme: Disney: Disney Magic

The Art Campers will have fun building, painting, coloring, drawing and exploring their imaginations using various art materials. (Materials Included)

Boys and Girls entering grades 4-9 Time: 12:30p -3pm; June 18-22

Theme: Creations in Clay, Pencil and Paint

The Art Campers will have fun using their imagination in building in clay,drawing and painting the world around them. (Materials Included)

Objective: Build on Art ability and HAVE FUN!!!!

*Art Camp will meet in the La Salle Art Room. Enter through the right front of the main building. The door will be marked. For more information call Mike Knueven at 661-4555 or


Junior Guard, Band, and Drumline

The 2018 camps are still being organized. The information below is from the 2017 camps for informational purposes.

BAND CAMP – $100.00 (co-ed)

Brass and Woodwind Camp

For beginners and advancing musicians. Develop skills on band instruments to help become a better musician. Students will need to come to camp with their own instrument.


Boot camp is a week long summer camp to give you a taste of what it’s like to be in the Pride of La Salle Drumline before you even step foot on the field! You’ll learn some of the basics of our technique and get to play alongside current La Salle Percussionists.

Junior Guard

The La Salle Junior Guard is a week-long camp where young girls and boys will get the opportunity to have fun and learn how to dance and spin a flag just like the award-winning Pride of La Salle Guard.


BASEBALL CAMP: $80.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE SUMMER BASEBALL CAMP will concentrate on developing individual skills needed for various positions. Games are held each day to provide the camper the opportunity to develop their skills in actual game situations. Bring glove, bat and water jug.

Session 1: 3rd - 6th grades June 11 - 14 8:30a - 11:30a

Session 2: 7th - 9th grades June 18 - 21 8:30a - 11:30a


Camp, Shooting Camp, & Leagues

BASKETBALL CAMP - $100.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP places emphasis on making each participant a better player and teaches him to continue his skill improvement. We will also have players and coaches from local colleges as guest speakers during the week.

Session 1: 7th - 9th grades June 11 - 14 8:30a - 1:30p

Session 2: 4th - 6th grades June 18 - 21 8:30a - 1:30p

Lunch will be provided.

Canteen: Drinks, snacks, candy, and donuts will be sold. $20.00 deposit will be collected the first day of camp. Money that is not used by the camper will be refunded at the end of the week.

BASKETBALL LEAGUE - $50.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE SUMMER BASKETBALL LEAGUE places the campers on teams which compete against each other in actual games.

Session 1: 7th - 9th grades June 5-8 (3:00p - 6:20p) and June 11-12 (1:40p - 4:00p) Limited to 80

Mandatory meeting for those who are registered on Sunday, June 3 @ 8:00p in La Salle’s cafeteria.

Session 2: 4th - 6th grades June 14-15 (1:40p-4:00p), June 18- 21 (1:40p - 4:00p) Limited to 60

Mandatory meeting for those who are registered on Sunday, June 10 @ 8:00p in La Salle’s cafeteria.

BASKETBALL SHOOTING CAMP - $40.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE SUMMER BASKETBALL SHOOTING CAMP concentrates on developing solid shooting techniques.

Session 1: 4th - 9th grades June 5- 7 (3 days) 6:30p – 8:30p Limited to 50

BASKETBALL SPECIAL PRICING - Registration in all three.

$175.00 - Camp, League and Shooting


DRAMA CAMP – $75.00 (co-ed)

Disney Magic for grades K-4 from 9:00a - 12:00p, June 25-29

Singing, dancing, and having fun are the aims of this camp. Campers will participate in games, share their special talents, and put together a show for their family and friends. Show at 11 a.m. on Friday of camp week.

Best of Broadway for grades 5-9 from 9:00a - 12:00p, June 18-22

Whether you are a seasoned performer, or you’ve never been on stage, you can find your niche at the Best of Broadway camp. The camp activities include games, workshops, and basic performing concepts to help campers have fun, gain confidence and stretch in new directions. Campers put together and perform a show for their family and friends. Show at 11 a.m. on Friday of camp week.


FOOTBALL CAMP - $80.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE Summer Football Camp specializes in developing discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork while concentrating on teaching football fundamentals. Individual skills will be emphasized during individual, group and team sessions. Classroom discussion and instructional films will be used throughout the week.

Session 1: 1st – 9th grades July 9 - 12 9:00a - 11:30a

FOOTBALL CAMP : O & D Line Skills Camp- $40.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE Summer Offensive and Defensive Line Camp is for those players that want to develop their skills on the line. Special focus will be specifically on the Offensive and Defensive Line.

Session 1: 1st – 9th grades June 18-19 6:00p - 8:00p

FOOTBALL CAMP : Quarterbacks & Receivers- $40.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE Summer Quarterbacks and Receivers Camp is for those players that want to develop their offensive skills. Special focus will be specifically on those players that play quarterback or receiver.

Session 1: 1st – 9th grades June 20-21 6:00p - 8:00p

FOOTBALL CAMP : Friday Night Lights- FREE (boys only)

The LA SALLE Summer Friday Night Lights Camp is open to any player that would like to attend.

Session 1: 1st – 9th grades June 22 8:00p - 9:30p


FUNDAMENTALS CAMP - $95.00 (co-ed)

The LA SALLE SUMMER FUNDAMENTALS CAMP is designed with the young athlete in mind. The camper will receive instruction in the fundamentals in the following sports: basketball, baseball, football, track and soccer. Campers will receive 45 minutes of instructions daily in each of the sports. We encourage athletes not to specialize at an early age, but rather to have fun, achieve success and develop personal confidence. Since the Fundamentals Camp is an all-day venture, youngsters should bring a lunch. Drinks will be provided.

Session 1: 1s t - 6th grades July 9 – 12 (4 days) 10:00a - 3:00p


LACROSSE CAMP – $100.00 (boys only)

The La Salle Lacrosse Camp offers student athletes the opportunity to focus on the fundamentals of lacrosse, using college-level drills that have been readjusted to be age -and-skill appropriate. Players will focus on developing discipline and teamwork while enhancing their abilities as individual players.

Session I: 3rd-9th grade July 16-19 12:00p-3:00p


SOCCER CAMP – $80.00

The La Salle Summer Soccer Camp is designed for players at any level who love the game and want to get better. Session I will focus on small-sided games. Session II will focus on technical development and decision-making for players at a more competitive level. Goalkeeper training will be available.

Session I: 4th-6th grades June 25-28 10:00a-12:00p

Director: Steve Schulten (Boys and Girls)

Session II: 7th-9th grades June 25-28 10:00a-12:00p

Director: Pat Albrinck (Boys Only)

FUTSAL LEAGUE – $40.00 (boys only)

Got skills? Want to prove it? Players in the LA SALLE SUMMER FUTSAL LEAGUE will be placed on 3v3 teams and compete in a round-robin tournament for two weeks on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Bring flats-games will be played on our tennis courts.

Session I: 7th-9th grades June 12, 14, 19, 21 9:30a-11:00a

Soccer Special Pricing

Register for both Futsal League and Soccer Camp for $100.00

Strength & Speed

STRENGTH AND SPEED CAMP - $80.00 (co-ed)

The LA SALLE SUMMER STRENGTH AND SPEED CAMP is designed to provide the camper with a no-nonsense answer to his or her need to improve his strength, speed, agility and conditioning. We will emphasize safe patterns of strength improvement and introduce the camper to ways of developing speed and agility. The camper will also be educated in the detrimental effects of steroid use and other so-called “quick weight gain programs.” The La Salle Strength and Speed Camp will emphasize proper nutrition and goal setting. It is highly recommended that all incoming freshman athletes take part in this camp. After the camp instruction, student athletes are encouraged to continue training throughout the summer at La Salle.

Session 1: 6th - 9th grades June 4 -7 (4 days) 4:00p -6:00p


VOLLEYBALL CAMP – $90.00 (boys only)

The LA SALLE SUMMER VOLLEYBALL CAMP is designed to emphasize passing, setting and hitting fundamentals and technique. There will be an opportunity to practice these skills in game situations.

Session 1: 6th - 9th grades July 16 – 19 (4 days) 9:00a - 11:00a

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