Meet Our Students

Conner Crull '19

You chose to attend NKU and major in Cyber Security.  How do you think La Salle prepared you for your college program choice?

I think that by allowing me to go on field visits and other Lasallian experiences I was encouraged to explore a variety of career options that I may not have thought of before. 

What has been your favorite LSI field experience and why?

Com Spark because it introduced me to many new technologies and companies that I might be able to connect with one day

You have over 250 service hours.  What type of organizations have you helped serve with service hours?

Key Club: Tree House Tutoring, City Gospel Mission, Twin Towers, Harvest Home

Besides LSI, what other activities have you participated in during your time at La Salle including clubs, athletics, service programs, honor programs, etc?

Volleyball (Fresh-Soph), Tennis (Jun-Sen), Key Club (All years) 

What is your favorite memory of your experiences at La Salle?

My favorite experience at La Salle is the Canned Food Drive because it is for a good reason, giving many people a meal to eat that Thanksgiving, and throughout the year.  It also allows the students to become closer to each other and it allows the Freshman, who are new to connect with the upperclassmen, and guide them to do the same when they become upperclassmen


Personal Information:

Parents names: Amy Crull-Meier, Norman Meier, Darrin Crull, Cathy Hinds-Crull

Grade school attended: Our Lady of Lourdes (K-3), St. I's (4-8)

Church/ parish: St. Ignatius

Approximate number of service hours earned: 250

Awards you have received while at La Salle: Academic Excellence all four years, every quarter.

Scholarships awarded to school attending: Honor's College Scholarship, Soar Scholarship, Edge Award