Meet Our Students

Chase Dierkers

Explain your experiences her at La Salle

I've had the time of my life the past four years. I've met friends along the way that I know I will have for the rest of my life. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried things that I never thought I would try. I've built a lot of connections here and I wouldn't trade these four years for anything. La Salle will always be home. 

You have decided to go out of state to West Virginia University.  Why did you chose WVU?

I wanted to get away from Cincinnati and just see what it would be like to live outside of Cincinnati. Their engineering program is a great choice, and I loved campus when I visited. 

How did La Salle prepare you for college?

LSI helped a ton. I learned soft skills like how to present a PowerPoint, how to dress, and how to conduct an interview. With these skills, I think that I am fully prepared for college.

What was your favorite LSI Experience?

Tour of UC's engineering school. I found out I wanted to be an engineer there. 

Besides LSI, what other activities where you involved with at La Salle?

Canned Food Drive, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Student Leader, Kairos Leader, Student Section Leader, LYSIT Program, Student Ambassador

What was your favorite memory at La Salle?

I'll always remember the football and basketball games, going on Kairos, the LYSIT trip to New Orleans, and running the student section, but the thing I am most proud of is the canned food drive. Out of all of the things that I was involved in, I put the most effort into the CFD and was really proud of it. We brought in close to 60,000 pounds of canned goods (a school record) helped out a ton of people in need while having a good time with some friends. 

Personal Information:

Parents: Matt and Jenn Dierkers

Grade School: St. Bernard

Service Hours: Around 225

Favorite Teachers: Holman (LSI), St. Martin (Pre-Calc), Winiarski (Kairos- never had in class)

GPA- 3.9

ACT- 29

AP Classes Completed/Completing: Human Geography, US History, Literature and Composition, Biology, US Government, Calculus, and Language and Composition