Entrance and Placement Test

Kids in classroom

July 15, 2020: Message from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Due to the concerns of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of future restrictions placed upon our schools and communities by governing stakeholders, the 2020 high school entrance and placement test will be waived this year for current eighth graders and will not be offered. Eighth grade student records will be requested to be sent to designated high school(s) by December 1, 2020 so time and consideration may be taken to place students appropriately for the 2021-2022 school year. Scholarship criteria will be developed by each high school along with financial aid offerings and published on their websites by September 30.  

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La Salle is dedicated to evaluating all of our applicants in the most complete, holistic, and equitable way possible.  We will assess students' application for admission, grade school records, grades, and teacher recommendations in our admissions and tuition assistance decisions.  Please reach out to the Admissions Office in you have any questions.