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In 1680 in a small town in the south of France, a young priest named John Baptist de La Salle answered the call to educate the poor and marginalized by delivering a Christian education to as many young people as possible. The first Lasallian faculty of educators banded together to form the Christian Brothers, whose mission continues to be education throughout the world. In 1960, the Christian Brothers opened La Salle High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

La Salle High School has continued the tradition of offering a Catholic education to a wide range of young men. The Student Support Services team was founded to support a diverse array of learners under the rigor of a college preparatory program.


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Lisa Claypool
Special Needs Scholarship Coordinator
Intervention Specialist

Matt Lester
Intervention Specialist

Chris Majors
Intervention Specialist

Kathy Moroney

Intervention Specialist

Lori Overbay

School Psychologist

Julie Turner

Speech/Language Pathologist