Student Success

La Salle Mentoring Program

The La Salle mentoring program is a student engagement, relationship, and growth focused initiative. The goal of our mentoring program is to support students by matching every student with a member of our staff.  Mentors will meet with their students monthly, and each grade level will have a specific theme during the mentoring meetings for the year.

  • 9th Grade Theme: Getting Acclimated to La Salle
  • 10th Grade Theme: Career Exploration
  • 11th Grade Theme: Connection to Career Interests with Majors and College
  • 12 Grade Theme: College and Scholarship Applications

Academic Leveling

By offering three different academic levels, students are able to take courses at the level that best fits their skill level while challenging them to achieve their full potential.  Students may take courses at various levels depending on their academic skills in each subject.  Placements are determined by prior academic grades, recommendations of teachers and discussion with the student's school counselor and parents.