Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Lasallian Scholars Institute?

The Lasallian Scholars Institute provides members with opportunities to improve themselves and to make a profound impact on their high school experience and the rest of their lives. See our the Achieve page for benefits experienced by some of our alumni.

How many students are accepted annually?

The Lasallian Scholars Institute accepts between 20 and 30 students each year.

What type of student is admitted to the Lasallian Scholars Institute

Accepted applicants to LSI are dedicated, high-performing students who not only excel in academics, but also seek involvement outside of the classroom throughout their grade school career.

What are the requirements for admission?

The admittance process begins by expressing interest on the general La Salle application. After review of your general application, including transcripts, two teacher recommendations, and one non-teacher recommendation, finalists are invited to interview with the program director.

What is included in the interview process?

The interview is a 15 minute sit-down with the program director over Christmas break. Questions may include those relevant to past experiences, future goals, character traits, or specific skills.

Is there a standard for maintaining entry?

Yes, our policy for maintaining entry describes these standards as set forward by the Director of the Lasallian Scholars Institute. Contact our director, Michael Holman, for more information.

Is there a scholarship included with admittance to the Lasallian Scholars Institute?

Yes, there is an annual scholarship, the value of which is determined on a year to year basis.

Will I have the chance to take AP courses?

Yes, all LSI students will take one AP course their sophomore year, a minimum of two their junior year, and as many as five their senior year.

How many times does the Lasallian Scholars Institute class meet?

Freshman and Sophomore classes may expect over 400 seminars each year, consisting of a 5 week rotation between LSI and Health freshman and sophomore year. During the junior and senior years the class becomes a full year course, amounting to over 800 seminars a year.

What is a typical class day?

The class format can vary but generally consists of a visit by a business professional who provides an overview of his/her field and then presents a relevant challenge to the LSI students.

What is a field visit?

Not to be confused with a field trip, a field visit provides LSI members a chance to interact with business professionals in their workplace. These visits usually include a Q/A session on that professional’s field and occupation, a description of real world issues specific to that company, and a business challenge to be solved by the LSI students. Over the course of four years in the program, students will participate in over 30 different field visits to various companies and universities in the area. See the Achieve page for the favorite field visits of some of our alumni.

What industries is the Lasallian Scholars Institute involved in?

During the first two years of membership in the Lasallian Scholars Institute, members study four prominent industries: Information Technology and Information Management, Healthcare, Global Business, and Engineering. As a Junior and Senior, these areas are supplemented by Wealth Management, Marketing, Business Skills/Etiquette, and Executive Council Committee work.

What is the Executive Council Committee?

The Executive Council, which is comprised of seniors and juniors, is LSI’s student leadership team. The Executive Council organizes Cincinnati’s premiere high school leadership event, the Learn to Lead Conference, and works with La Salle High School on public relations, community outreach, and technology development. The Executive Council provides a further means of engagement for the students of the Lasallian Scholars Institute.