Alumni Spotlights

LSI student starts Co-op for General Electric

Eric Ruhe is a member of the LaSallian Scholars’ Institute graduating class of 2015. He picked up an affinity for business during his time in LSI, and decided to pursue business in college at the University of Cincinnati. We asked him about him about how his college experience has been so far, and on top of being involved in different organizations on campus; including the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi (professional committee), Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, Kolodzik Business Scholars Association (fundraising committee), and the American Marketing Association; he has also started a full time co-op at GE Global Operations Center!

When asked about what that co-op entailed, he told us “I am under the GE Learning department which is in charge of all learning and training materials distributed for its employees and customers. My specific work includes helping to standardize the troubleshooting procedures when problems arise with the learning material, create data dashboards and metrics to visualize employee success, and analyze different data samples to provide feedback and streamline GE Learning's standard operating procedures (SOP). I recently started this position, but already love the company, people, and work I am doing”.