Lasallian Scholars Institute


The Lasallian Scholars Institute (LSI) is a four-year program designed to challenge high-performing students. In LSI, students experience extensive career and college pathway exposure through experiential, company-sponsored and college-facilitated learning. LSI directly links itself with Cincinnati-based, national, and international companies as content providers of business methodologies.

LSI adds to the rigorous academics of its students and connects their academic learning to their futures. LSI creates opportunities and encourages students to do the same for themselves by fostering achievement as students learn in-depth career information, acquire insights about Cincinnati-based employers, and develop connections with some of the most qualified professionals within individual industries.

LSI students directly interact with business professionals in high-growth industries such as information technology and management, health care, global business, and engineering through a specialized curriculum of nearly 200 business-led seminars including field visits, project management, and real-world challenges and presentations to business professionals.

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"LSI creates

The Lasallian Scholars Institute provides opportunities for students inside and outside of the classroom through events coordinated with the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati. In addition, LSI has introduced the student-created Learn to Lead conference, a two-day event during which local students and adults come together to learn leadership skills for success in the business world from Cincinnati professionals.


"Students learn in-depth career information, acquire inside information about Cincinnati-based employers, and develop connections with some of the most qualified professionals within individual industries."

The Lasallian Scholars Institute gives its students a professional network unmatched by local schools and organizations. This network includes executives from major companies in the Greater Cincinnati area, including Kroger and Procter & Gamble, both Fortune 500 companies. Students will also meet influential persons from local colleges that can assist them in the admissions process.


"LSI fosters

The Lasallian Scholars Institute continues to produce some of the finest alumni of La Salle High School. LSI students in the 2013-14 school year alone received over $2 million in scholarships. Students are eligible to earn up to 35 total college credit hours through AP level courses. And LSI students volunteer hundreds of hours of community service each year. Through a focus on achievement, LSI fosters the well-rounded student, preparing him for success in college and beyond.