Business Department Course Descriptions

Business Department

Grade Level: 9,10 LSI Credit: .5 each

Prerequisite: Teacher’s Signature

The Lasallian Scholars Institute business seminars in the freshman and sophomore years are designed to provide students with project management and leadership skills while providing career information and professional contacts. The course primarily utilizes four industry tracks: Information Technology and Information Management, Healthcare, Global Business, and Engineering. The freshman year’s focus is on career awareness. These tracks are then repeated within the sophomore year. The sophomore year focuses on developing career understanding. Classroom experiences are supplemented by contact with industry leaders and off-site visits. Student admission is by invitation only.

Grade Level: 9,10 Guided Resource Credit: 1

Guided Resources is a class for students who are deferring foreign Language until later in their career and is designed to assist students with some guided study and reading skills to reinforce the needed foundations to be successful in all classes. During this class interventions will occur assisting students with the needed organizational skills, reading skills, writing skills, mathematic computation skills as well socialization
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