Graduation Requirements

Graduation Credit Requirements for Class of 2019, 2020 and beyond

A minimum of 25.75 credits are required for graduation class of 2019

A minimum of 25 credits are required for graduation class of 2020 and beyond, including the following

  • Religion 4 Credits
  • English 4 Credits
  • Math 4 Credits
  • Social Studies 3 Credits
  • Science 3 Credits
  • Fine Arts 1 Credit
  • Physical Education .5 Credit
  • Health .5 Credit
  • Computer Literacy .5 Credit
  • Additional Electives 4.5 Credits
  • A minimum of 60 Christian service hours is required outside of regular school hours.
  • All students must participate in Kairos Retreat as a Junior; and participate in a service immersion trip, be a Kairos leader, participate in a Called to Serve Retreat, or be a leader for freshman or sophomore day of renewal in their Senior Year.
  • Present a Senior Declaration at Senior Declaration Night with preparation with your personal mentor and Religion classes.

All students must take the following end of course exams:

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Biology
  • American History
  • American Government
  • English I
  • English II

And meet one of the following testing requirements:

1. Earn a cumulative passing score on seven end-of-course exams. The scores will be set by the State Board of Education.

2. Earn a “remediation-free” score on a nationally recognized college admission exam such as ACT or SAT. The state of Ohio will pay for all 11th grade students to take the exam free of charge on a given date during the school year.

Students studying Advanced Placement (AP),may take assessments aligned to those course in lieu of end-of-course exams to avoid double testing.