LSI- Freshmen & Sophomores

Grade Level: 9,10,

Credit: .5 each

Prerequisite: Teacher’s Signature

The Lasallian Scholars Institute business seminars in the freshman and sophomore years are designed to provide students with project management and leadership skills while providing career information and professional contacts. The course primarily utilizes four industry tracks: Information Technology and Information Management, Healthcare, Global Business, and Engineering. The freshman year’s focus is on career awareness. These tracks are then repeated within the sophomore year. The sophomore year focuses on developing career understanding. Classroom experiences are supplemented by contact with industry leaders and off-site visits. Student admission is by invitation only.

LSI- Juniors & Seniors

Grade Level: 11,12

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Interview and Teacher Approval

The Lasallian Scholars Institute business seminars in the junior and senior year are continuations of the programming from the freshman and sophomore years. Student continue to learn about various high-growth industries and start to explore the fields with greater depth. Students have an increased look at marketing, personal finance, strategy, human resources (i.e. talent management, résumé development, interviewing skills), and project management. Classroom experiences are supplemented by contact with industry leaders and off-site visits. More experiences become project-based. Student admission is by invitation only


Grade Level: 9, 10

Credit: .25

Prerequisite: Interview and Teacher Approval

Envision is a four year subsidiary program of the Lasallian Scholars Institute. Students will discover their potential through challenging non-traditional classroom exercises and projects.

Envision gives students opportunities to explore career pathways, apply themselves in real business settings and interact with local professionals and business leaders. Students will find their path to future career and educational opportunities.

Envision focuses on building student awareness of their potential career path and guiding students through a curriculum that best meets students' interests and passions. Students will build a curricular and extra-curricular experience framed for their future plans.

Envision's Career Pathway Model allows students to explore. Students will envision the possibilities of future educational opportunities and career paths.

Envision is by invite only.

Guided Resource

Grade Level: 9,10

Credit: .25

Guided Resources is a class for students who are deferring foreign Language until later in their career and is designed to assist students with some guided study and reading skills to reinforce the needed foundations to be successful in all classes. During this class interventions will occur assisting students with the needed organizational skills, reading skills, writing skills, mathematic computation skills as well socialization skills.

College Readiness

Grade Level: 11,12

Credit: .5

College & Career Readiness is a one semester course designed to prepare students to enter the colleges and/or careers of their choice. Topics to be covered include: exploration of colleges and programs of study, career paths, post-secondary admission processes, ACT/SAT testing, financial aid/scholarships, resumes and essays, collaborative learning, presentation skills, job searches, workplace skills, current events, technology, and study skills. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of resources for use as they pursue the colleges and careers of their choice

Business Development

Grade Level: 11,12

Credit: .5

Business Development and Practices will review topics including company strategy, marketing, personal finance, project management, and human resources. The class reviews multiple business cases and related readings to generate an awareness of how businesses live their mission statements and how to contribute on a personal and professional level to the economy.