Message From Campus Ministry



It has been said, the family that "prays together, stays together."  Well we don't have much choice on where we go, as we continue to try to limit the spread of COVID-19.  In an effort to help families to grow deeper in their relationship with God, we in the La Salle High School Campus Ministry Office are providing the following resources, we hope you use them and find them useful:

  • Daily/Sunday Mass: With no option to celebrate at your local Church, make and offer up your home as the Domestic Church - (or check your individual parish website)
  • Sunday Mass Family Mass Readings Resource: A weekly guide to the Sunday scripture readings, chock full of prayers, historical and critical interpretation of the readings, and group discusion process and questions...who knows what God has in store for those who read and live His sacred word together as a family -
  • Daily Prayer: Yep, there's an app for that!  Here are a few different apps for daily prayer (all are free and available on the App Store and Google Play):
  • Lenten Spiritual Resources: Lent is NOT cancelled, so how is your soul doing?
  • Strong Catholic Christian Families Initiative: What a great time to spend together with family, why not spend time in prayer, discussion and community building activities that help you and your family to set priorities that matter and are centered on Jesus Christ.
  • Lasallian Prayer -Daily 12 pm Prayer of the Angelus and a Prayer before the Most Holy Crucifix of San Marcello al Corso: Just this past week Pope Francis made a pilgrimage through the abandoned streets of Rome, Italy to two Churches.  His intention was to lift up in prayer all those who have been impacted by the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and to ask God for an end to this terrible virus.  As Lasallians we plan to remember, that wherever we are, that we are always in the Holy Presence of God, and to join together in praying the Angelus and the Prayer found on the prayer card we created.