Distance learning update, 4/7/20



Dear La Salle families,

As we enter week four of distance learning, we wanted to share information regarding student engagement and our academic focus. You may have seen the info graphic we shared last week with some general statistics about how our students are engaged online, but we are taking this time to share more specifics of what distance learning currently looks like at La Salle.

For example, following are some of the ways teachers have engaged with students this past week:

  • Connected with students via Google Meet, allowing teachers and students to engage in video chats in real-time.
  • Set up small group video chat groups to review assignments and work through projects together.
  • Called students to provide additional explanations of assignments and provide a personal connection.
  • Recorded classroom lectures on video and shared with students.
  • Shared their screens while connecting virtually so students could see step-by-step instructions on their lessons.
  • Held live classroom sessions for students to join the discussion in real-time.
  • Collaborated with students using shared Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Surveyed students with online tools to assess how their learning is going, what they need help with and to share areas that could be improved.
  • Began class with shared video prayers, similar to the way they run their classes at school.
  • Used Flipgrid for assessments instead of traditional assessment tools.
  • Solicited photos and video clips from students to reflect on how they spend time with family, other than schoolwork. 
  • Challenged students to do something that would bring joy to someone else and shared it with the class.
  • Emailed students and parents to check in and offer mental health support. 
  • Held virtual office hours for students to connect via video, chat or phone. 
  • Created Google forms to better understand student progress and academic understanding. 
  • Attended virtual field trips.
  • Wished happy birthday to students by surprising them with a class video chat.
  • Hosted online competitions to quiz students on their foreign language vocabulary.
  • Lead online science labs.

As you can see from the list above, our staff is working creatively, within the guidelines of the Archdiocese, to engage our students in meaningful online learning opportunities.  This is new territory for all of us, and I am proud of the dedication displayed by our staff and students. We encourage you to talk with your sons and ask them how their specific teachers have engaged with them online so far.  Please contact your son's teachers directly if you have any questions or concerns. 
We have set up a COVID-19 section on our website at lasallehs.net/about/covid-19 which highlights key contacts and provides a listing of all of our academic and safety updates. 

Please follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We share student-read prayers in our Instagram story on a regular basis and post videos of students and staff sharing their favorite prayers on all of our social platforms. New this week we will be adding Wellness Wednesday tips. Stay tuned!

We are thankful our students will have a much-needed break from distance learning to recharge next week.  On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, I wish you a blessed Holy Week and Easter weekend. We look forward to continued productive learning sessions after the break.

Live Jesus in our hearts…

Aaron Marshall


P.S.  We recently created a Quick Links page on our website (lasallehs.net/quicklinks) to make it easier for parents and students to find all of the links and important information you need. This one-stop-shop pulls all of the key access points like FACTS, Naviance, Moodle, calendars and more into one page. We encourage you to bookmark this page today.